Responsibilities and Authority of Lane College Security Officers

Lane College Security Officers are TIBRS-trained professionals, and when not patrolling the campus, can be found in the Security Booth located near Saunders Hall. The provision of security is a big job — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, inside and outside buildings throughout the campus.  The people served by these Security Officers include commuter and resident students, faculty, staff, vendors, prospective students and their parents, and all other visitors.  All of these constituencies expect and deserve a safe environment in which to live, work, relax, and learn. The provision of security is an assignment that calls for professionals who take pride in doing their job well.

These officers are charged with following and assisting in the enforcement of  the laws of the State of Tennessee and the ordinances of the City of Jackson, as well as the rules and regulations of Lane College. Lane College security officers lead and/or assist in investigations into crimes and offenses committed on College property.  There is a close working relationship between Security  and the Department of Student Affairs in dealing with students and offenses committed by them.

All emergencies, suspicious persons, or activities, and criminal behavior should be reported immediately to a security officer. 

Working Relationship with State and Local Agencies

Lane College Security Officers have a close working relationship and mutual assistance agreements with the Jackson  Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.  Assistance from state agencies is requested as the need arises.  College Security Officers communicate directly with city and county police agencies and, if necessary, communicate directly with state agencies through the use of a mutual aid radio frequency.

Reporting Crimes to Campus Security and/or Appropriate Police Agencies

Lane College Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day to assist students, faculty, and staff with accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes that occur on campus.  Security staff,  through direct contact with police officers as needed, advise and assist callers reporting crimes occurring off campus.  Currently no procedures are in place to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for the inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. 

Programs to Inform Students to Inform Students and Employees about Security Procedures and Practices

The College’s Office  of Student Affairs, the Personnel Office,  and the College’s Security Officers stress crime prevention and give information to students, faculty and staff about security procedures and practices.  When a new employee is hired, the Office of Personnel  provides the new employee with a  Staff Handbook which discusses College safety programs and policies outlawing crime (including alcohol and drug use).  Each new employee, along with all other employees, are encouraged to participate in crime prevention and safety programs offered by the College.

During an orientation session each year, new students are given information about security procedures and crime prevention. Information about the annual disclosure form is given to all new and current students each year and students are encouraged to participate in crime prevention and safety programs offered by the College. Students and employees are continually reminded they must be responsible for their own security and the security of others through the programs and the "timely warnings" issued to the campus community.

Programs to Inform Students and Employees about Crime Prevention 

The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Personnel offer crime prevention programs. Programs to encourage students to mark their property, an annual safety awareness program, rape awareness and prevention, and alcohol and drug education programs are offered along with other topics requested by members of the Lane College Community.

Monitoring Off Campus Criminal Activity

Lane College Security Officers Department monitors criminal activity occurring at off-campus locations through direct radio contact with the Jackson Police Department.  Lane College asks the Jackson Police Department to provide copies of all criminal reports on incidents which occur at off-campus sites where registered student organizations operate.  

Possession, Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

The possession, use, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on any property owned or controlled by Lane College is prohibited.  All city and state laws pertaining to the illegal use, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages are enforced by College Security Officers.  Additional information may be found in the Student Handbook, the Staff Handbook, or via  the Faculty Handbook