Possession, Use and Sale of Illegal Drugs 

Possession, use and sale of illegal drugs are a violation of Federal and State laws as well as College policy.  Any student, faculty or staff member found in possession of illegal drugs will be referred to the College Judicial system and/or arrested. Additional information may be found in the Student Handbook, the Staff Handbook, or via  the Faculty Handbook

Drug and Alcohol-Abuse Education Programs

The Office of Student Affairs, through the Residence Directors, Director of Student  Activities, and   selected counselors provide alcohol and drug awareness programs and educational literature that detail the dangers of alcohol and drug consumption.  Drug and alcohol abuse education programs are presented as a part of new student orientations.  Individual counseling is available as needed to help students explore and expand their decision-making and problem solving skills.  When necessary, counselors make appropriate referrals on campus or in the community in order to utilize all available resources in meeting student needs. Drug and alcohol concerns are routinely referred off campus.