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Featured Alumni Profile (Dec. 2014)      

Our Alumnus of the Month of December is Mr. Desmond Merriweather, a member of the Lane College Class of 2003 and resident of Memphis, TN. During his tenure at Lane College, Merriweather excelled in the game of basketball while being a member of the Dragons Basketball Team.

In 2009, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctors did not think that he would live to see his 37th birthday. But, here he is five years later.

Growing up in Binghampton fighting for his life, Merriweather never knew that one day he would be fighting for his life in a different way. He went through many rounds of chemotherapy, not to mention regular radiation and countless surgeries. When journalists interview Merriweather, he says “I mean, everything has gotten great since,” Merriweather told MemphiSport last month. “Really, God has gotten control of me. I’ve really never been the one to listen to doctors because they really don’t know. They’re only going by what man says.”

Merriweather is quick to tell others, “God is in control.” He will tell you, he does not feel like he has cancer.

Merriweather has served as head basketball coach at Lester Middle school in Memphis, his other Alma Mater. He can be commended for sending Lester Middle School to the State to win at least three consecutive championships. Merriweather is now the Boy’s Coach at East High School in Memphis.

When commenting on his perseverance, Merriweather was elated to say that his inner strength comes from his loving wife Inga. Inga left her place of employment to support Desmond full time. We salute Inga to the highest.

Coach Merriweather is always in our thoughts and prayers here at Lane College. He will be in Jackson on December 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. as his team competes against Liberty Technology Magnet High School.

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