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Featured Alumni Profile (March 2017)      

Alumna of the Month, Peggy M. Allison

Alumnus of Feb 2017Our alumna of the month of March is Lane Lady Peggy M. Allison. She finished her coursework in December of 1978 and marched with the class of 1979.†She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.81 GPA and was first in her the class. She received the Dean's Award, the Registrar's Award, the Business Education Award, the Secondary Education Award, and the Helena Rubinstein Education Award.†She was also awarded a graduate fellowship to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where she presently resides with her husband, Gary.†She received a Master of Arts degree from Ohio State University with a 3.82 GPA in 1980.†She has always maintained that the education she received at Lane is unparalleled and made her more than prepared for her graduate studies at Ohio State University.

Allison began teaching in the Columbus Public School System in the fall of 1980 and retired in 2011 after completing 31 years of dedicated service to public school students. She still holds firm her ties to the children of Columbus by volunteering in the Reading Buddies Program for the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries. She also volunteers for the CMAA Refugee Services Program and the Capital Park Refugee Services Program where she assists children of refugees who don't have a command of the English language with their weekly homework assignments.

Allison has many fond memories of Lane.†She remembers Professor Charles Marshall giving her extra help when she wasn't grasping accounting concepts; Mrs. Martha Cunningham allowing her to use her car to go to the mall; Mr. Braxter hiring her to work as secretary of the science department; Mrs. Washington not allowing Peggy and her sister-in-law to be on the same team in gym class; and going to chapel every†Wednesday morning at 11:00.† She's proudest of the friendships she gained and the fact that those friendships hold steady to this very day and have grown even stronger. As a matter of fact, two of those friends live in Ohio and one right in Columbus with Peggy. Get this, Lanites: they even purchased a Lane "brick" together!

Allison will forever be grateful for her experiences at Lane. She said, "Everything that I am, that I have, or will ever have is because of my decision to become a Lane Lady." She is a proud alumna and tells anybody and everybody about Lane everywhere she goes.

You can find Allison all through the day and night on social media tweeting to assist Lane in winning the Home Depot Retool Your School Grant!

Please salute and congratulate her at mayrene56@yahoo.com.

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