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Featured Alumni Profile (November 2017)      

Alumna of the Month, Lane Lady Belinda Browning

Alumnus of Aug 2017Our alumna of the month of November is Lane Lady Belinda Browning, a member of the class of 1982. She is a native of Chicago, IL and a graduate of Waukegan East High School. She is the proud daughter of the late Mr. Q.V and Mrs. Marie Browning.

Belinda is the 3rd of 9 children and was the first grandchild to graduate from Lane College in her family. Her family has attended Lane College since the 1960's. She particularly brags about her aunt, President of the Memphis Alumni Chapter, Dr. Willie Mae Willett. Other family members with whom she takes time to smile and share are: Dr. Rhonda Willett Black, Cindy Holt, Myron Holt, Elma McKay, Calvin Browning, Michael Johnson, Theodis Pace, Lee Hafford, Ida Hafford Brown, Leon Hafford, David Hafford, Sarita Hafford, Antionette Nile, Justin Browning, Tyron Deener, Tyson Deener, the late Louise Hafford Bennett, the late Dorothy Hafford Pace, and current scholar Jaccari Relf.

I caught up with her aunt, Sarita Hafford, and she stated "Belinda has always embraced a confident and exuberant spirit that dates back to the early years of Lane College. She is industrious in fulfilling obligations whether for family, friends, or her beloved Fair Lane; always making sure that she offers her very best. She is so amazing in giving of herself. Not only is she my niece, she's my wonderful friend. She is a true Lane Lady with genuine Power of Potential."

When I asked Belinda what were her fondest memories of Lane College, she replied "the transition I experienced from childhood to becoming a Lane College student. Visiting Lane College's campus as a little girl in the late 60's and early 70's, becoming an active student on campus 1978 - 1982 and now participating with the Local and National Alumni Association. The relationships established at Lane College have become a lifetime for me, I look forward to Homecoming, and it's an all-in-one affair seeing college buddies and a family reunion. Amongst my exciting Lane College experiences, was attending college with 2 of my sisters, Elma Browning McKay and Cindy Browning Holt. I was honored to graduate from Lane in 1982 with my sister Elma and we sat next to each other. I was fortunate to have been born in a family that believes in education and who were strong supporters of HBCUs, with Lane as our favorite institution. When I think of Lane College, I think of the value it has in my life and how I can personally share this with others. Lane College was a great choice for me and my education and my start into adulthood. I came to Atlanta in 1984 and I was introduced to Atty. Donald L. Hollowell through our National Alumni Association as my Alumni mentor. We established ourselves in a once a month phone relationship for years. Atty. Hollowell always talked about the black community and the commitment required for growth. He always stressed the importance of education and giving back. Along with the direction from my family and Atty. Hollowell, it has been easy to commit to Lane College for a life time."

Belinda is currently serving in her second term as the Lane College Metro Atlanta Alumni President. The chapter is great and continues to grow. Belinda further stated "I appreciate beyond measure the support the chapter has given me and the strong sense of family we promote."

The Metro Atlanta Chapter was fortunate to have the opportunity to host the National Alumni Association meeting in July 2017. Lanites are still bragging about the good time the chapter provided to all alumni and friends. Under the leadership of President Browning and the chapter, the buzz of the meeting is still being heard today.

Belinda is employed by Grady Health System in Atlanta in the Information Technology Department as a part of the Epic Team.

She is a member of Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta where she has served as chairperson for the Health and Welfare committee, and worked many years with the Youth Enrichment Program.

You may salute Belinda on a job well done at belindabrowning@aol.com.

Don't forget to send in your nominations for next month.

Warm regards,

Tori Haliburton

Director of Alumni Affairs

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