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Lane College Mission: With strong ties to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the College’s mission is to develop the “whole student.” In addition to its priority of academic excellence, the College is also concerned about the student’s spiritual, social, and ethical development. The College believes that spiritual growth is an important part of the development of the individual. Spiritual life at the College is viewed as a quality-filled experience rather than a specific and narrow range of separate activities. Spiritual programs of learning, worshipping, and service have the purpose of illuminating life and making life more meaningful.

The purpose of the Division of Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences is to develop communication, technical, human relations, and analytical skills of students to enhance successful entrance in their chosen careers and/or professional and graduate endeavors. The objectives of the Division are to offer majors in Business, Criminal Justice, History, and Sociology; to prepare students for further training in graduate and professional schools; to prepare students to successfully compete in the job market; and to introduce and orient students in their development of leadership skills to be utilized in a dynamic and competitive environment.

The Division offers General Studies Curriculum courses in History (World History), Social and Behavioral Sciences (various options to satisfy three-hour requirement), and FIN 122 Personal Financial Management.

The Division is organized into the following major areas: (1) Business; (2) Criminal Justice; (3) History; and (4) Sociology. Teacher certification at the secondary level is available in Business Education and History. Minors are offered in Business, Criminal Justice, History, and Sociology.
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A student can obtain the courses required for admission to law school by completing one of the degree programs of the College. Anyone desiring to participate in the pre-law program should contact the Chair, Division of Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences for additional information especially regarding the selection of courses to prepare for admission entrance examinations to law school.


The mission of the Department of Business is to produce students who will become business leaders with a strong commitment to their communities. In doing so, the Department is committed to preparing students with a solid foundation in each of the functional areas of business: accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

Students are encouraged to specialize in one of four available concentrations: management, accounting, marketing, and finance. A concentration in one of these specialties will equip students to gain a better and more detailed understanding of the complex nature of the corporate environment in the 21st century.


Students graduating with a degree in business will:

  1. Have acquired sound scholarship of knowledge and skills in the area of Business;
  2. Enter a business career with satisfactory training in methods, techniques, and principles of modern business;
  3. Be prepared for further studies in graduate and professional schools;
  4. Be prepared to pursue certification through the Teacher Education Program;
  5. Have an understanding of the social, economic, and cultural environment in which businesses operate; and,
  6. Have practical management learning experiences through cooperative and/or internship programs.

General Studies Core

The area of Business offers FIN 122 – Personal Financial Management which is a general studies core requirement for all Lane College students. Business majors must also take this course. It is not counted as a core requirement or an elective in the Business major curriculum.

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