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Liberal Studies and Education      

Lane College Mission: With strong ties to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the College’s mission is to develop the “whole student.” In addition to its priority of academic excellence, the College is also concerned about the student’s spiritual, social, and ethical development. The College believes that spiritual growth is an important part of the development of the individual. Spiritual life at the College is viewed as a quality-filled experience rather than a specific and narrow range of separate activities. Spiritual programs of learning, worshipping, and service have the purpose of illuminating life and making life more meaningful.

The Division of Liberal Studies and Education comprises the core of the liberal arts curriculum of the College, and includes the courses in languages, education, literature, music, art, drama, speech, communication arts, religion, and philosophy. The Division offers courses required of all students as well as courses in the major areas of English, French, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mass Communication, Music, Physical Education, and Religion. The Division of Liberal Studies offers minors in Art, English, Foreign Languages, Music, Mass Communication, Physical Education, and Religion. A program in teacher certification is available at the elementary level and in certain secondary areas.

Entering students may be required to take diagnostic tests in mathematics, reading and writing. Scores on these tests are used in conjunction with the College’s assessment programs and institutional effectiveness endeavors.
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The Division of Liberal Studies and Education provides students with an education in the Liberal Arts which is broad in scope, excellent in quality, and inclusive of the disciplines that are basic for the education curriculum. Graduates from the Division will:

  1. Understand advanced concepts, terminology, methodology, subject matter, problems, and issues from multiple academic disciplines;
  2. Communicate knowledge using the principles of multiple academic disciplines;
  3. Develop writing, speaking, analyzing, and computing skills;
  4. Recognize the importance of individual disciplines as a means to address problems and to generate knowledge.
  5. Define value systems and codes of personal ethics through examination of the religions of the world, with special emphasis of the doctrines;
  6. Ponder the philosophical questions of human existence; and
  7. Provide appropriate preparatory courses and field experiences for candidates seeking licensure in Teacher Education.
All students are required to take courses in Composition, Literature, Religion, and the Fine Arts, as well as one class in Orientation, as delineated in the description of the General Studies Curriculum.

The Division of Liberal Studies and Education includes in the content of its courses skills necessary for students to:
  1. Develop proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and communication;
  2. Develop independent reasoning, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving skills;
  3. Define value systems and codes of personal ethics through examination of religions of the world, with special emphasis on the doctrines of the Christian faith;
  4. Cultivate an awareness of, and an appreciation for, diverse cultural heritages and an understanding of how they relate to each other;
  5. Develop an understanding of the creative process and of the need for aesthetic judgment; and
  6. Participate in society as informed and responsible citizens who have the skills necessary to obtain satisfying jobs and participate in the process of devising solutions to the world’s problems.
The Interdisciplinary Studies Program prepares competent, confident, and caring professionals who demonstrate broad knowledge, and apply research-based instructional practices. The future educators are reflective and think critically to impact all students.

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