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Lane College Mission: With strong ties to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the College’s mission is to develop the “whole student.” In addition to its priority of academic excellence, the College is also concerned about the student’s spiritual, social, and ethical development. The College believes that spiritual growth is an important part of the development of the individual. Spiritual life at the College is viewed as a quality-filled experience rather than a specific and narrow range of separate activities. Spiritual programs of learning, worshipping, and service have the purpose of illuminating life and making life more meaningful.

The Division of Natural and Physical Sciences and Mathematics is committed to promoting scientific, mathematical, and computer literacy, and emphasizing the process, content, and interdisciplinary nature of these disciplines. The Division is also committed to providing students with the necessary courses for meeting the requirements of the General Studies Curriculum in the sciences.

The goal of the Division of Natural and Physical Sciences and Mathematics is to provide students with opportunities to develop their maximum intellectual potential through a variety of curricular offerings.
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Graduates in this program will:

  1. Understand and appreciate their environment;
  2. Have an appreciation for the scientific method and will demonstrate its applicability in solving practical problems of life;
  3. Understand how to teach Science and Mathematics in elementary and high schools.
  4. Pursue graduate and professional education; and,
  5. Understand how to make informed decisions about increasingly complex scientific and technological issues affecting their communities.

The Division strives to develop students’ critical thinking skills; to enhance their verbal and written communication abilities; to encourage reasoned debate on scientific and technical issues; and to instill civic responsibilities. The Division pursues these efforts in a vital, collaborative learning community of students, faculty, and staff, centered on student-active, investigative curricula in the classroom, field, and laboratory. In this active, collaborative learning environment, students have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through intensive study, hands-on work, one-on-one interaction with faculty, and group interactions with other students. Students will develop skills to make informed decisions on increasingly complex scientific and technological issues affecting their communities.

The Division of Natural and Physical Sciences is organized into the following areas: (1) Biology; (2) Chemistry; (3) Mathematics; (4) Physics; and (5) Computer Science. Majors and minors are offered in all of these areas. A major in Engineering is offered through a dual degree program with Tennessee State University in Nashville.

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