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Associate Degrees      


In addition to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, the College offers two Associate degrees; Associate of Arts and Associate of Science. The Associate of Arts is awarded to students whose major field is Media Strategies, Religion, or Sociology. The Associate of Science is awarded to students whose major field is Business Administration.


Core RequirementsAssociate in ArtsAssociate in Science
Language Arts/Communications3939
Social and Behavior Sciences2626
Humanities and Fine Arts25-612-3
Physical and Life Science1326-8
Foreign Language2626
Health & Fitness1-22-31-22-3
TOTAL14-15 courses38-40 hours14-15 courses38-42 hours

Language Arts/Communications, 3 Courses (9 Hours)

  • ENG 131: Composition I
  • ENG 132: Composition II
  • SPC 230: Foundations of Speech or COM 260: Interpersonal Communication

Social and Behavior Science, 2 Courses (6 Hours)

  • SOC 131: Introduction to Sociology (Required)

         Choose 1 Courses from the following:

CRJ 131: Introduction to Criminal Justice SOC 136: Social Problems
ECO 131: Microeconomics PER 231: Introduction to Physical Education
GEO 231: World Geography PSC 231: American Government
HIS 131: American History I HIS 132: American History II
HIS 231: World History I HIS 232: World History II
EDU 230: Foundations of Education PSY 130: Introduction to Psychology
PSY 131: Educational Psychology PSY 230: Human Growth and Development

Humanities and Fine Arts

  • ENG 221: Introduction to Literature (Required)

Choose an additional course from the following (A.A.):

ART 120: Art Appreciation MUS 120: Music Appreciation
ENG Course 222 or Higher REL 130: World Religions
REL 131: Old Testament REL 132: New Testament
REL 231: History of the Black Church PHL 131: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 132: Ethics PHL 133: Logic

Associate in Arts & Associate in Science Degrees General Education Curriculum Requirements


  • MAT 125: College Algebra I
  • MAT 126: College Algebra II

Physical and Life Science
Choose one course from the following (A.A.):

  • BIO 131: Biological Science
  • PHY 131: Physical Science

Choose 2 Courses from the following (A.S.):

  • BIO 131: Biological Science
  • PHY 131: Physical Science
  • BIO 141: General Biology I
  • BIO 142: General Biology II
  • BIO 341: Environmental Biology
  • CHE 141: General Chemistry I
  • CHE 142: General Chemistry II

Foreign Language, 2 Courses in sequence (6 Hours)

  • SPN 131: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPN 132: Elementary Spanish II
  • FRE 131: Elementary French I
  • FRE 132: Elementary French II

Health & Fitness, 1 or 2 Courses (2-3 Hours)

Choose 2 one-hour PER activity courses or one of the following courses:

  • PER 260: Fitness of Life
  • PER 236: Nutrition

Major Requirements

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