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Associate Degrees - Business      

Major: Business Administration
Associate in Science Degree Requirements

Mission Statement

The focus of this program is to prepare students for entry-level positions in the business world or study leading to a bachelor’s degree. This degree provides foundational knowledge in the major functional areas of business, along with current and marketable administrative skills. The general studies courses ensure college-level competences in the arts and sciences.


  1. Identify and classify current business concepts, principles and practices.
  2. Develop, execute and apply basic business calculations to demonstrate basic financial literacy.
  3. Communicate business concepts effectively in both written and oral format using clear concise language appropriate to the audience.
  4. Demonstrate the interrelationship of the functional areas of business including management, marketing, organizational behavior, computer and software systems, accounting and finance.
  5. Identify issues and challenges related to ethics in current business.
  6. Work as an effective team member and leader to develop a business plan and research specific business goals.

Graduates of this program with an earned 2.0 GPA or above will be able to:

  1. Exhibit an understanding of basic theory and practice of business and business administration.
  2. Utilize analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills applicable to business and business administration.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the use and interpretation of data and information as applied to the various applications in business administration. .

Business Administration Course Requirements:

Business Core Credit HoursPrerequisites
ACT 101 - Fundamentals of Accounting3none
ECO 131 - Macroeconomics3MAT 126
BUS 131 - Principles of Management3ENG 131
Select four (5) Courses from the following areas:
ACT 131 – Principles of Accounting I3MAT 126
ACT 132 – Principles of Accounting II3ACT 131
MKT 131 – Principles of Marketing3MAT 126
MKT 231 – Consumer Behavior3MKT 131
ECO 132 – Principles of Microeconomics3ECO 131
ECO 231 – Money and Banking3ECO 132
FIN 131 – Principles of Business Finance3MAT 126
FIN 231 – Principles of Investment3FIN 131
General Education requirement for AS degree 38-42 Hours
Business Courses or electives for AS degree24 Hours

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