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Associate Degrees - Sociology      

Major: Sociology
Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

Mission Statement

The Lane College Sociology AA program mission is to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions. It also provides students with credentials for acceptance to BA degree programs. .


  1. To acquaint the student with the major sociological concepts, theories, perspectives, methods, and knowledge, including culture, social structure, interaction, and change.
  2. To foster the studentís sociological imagination, the exploration of the relationship between an individual and the wider domestic as well as global society, including past and present social events.
  3. To further develop the studentís critical-thinking ability, which enables him/her to draw inferences from theories and data, recognize unstated assumptions, deduce conclusions from available information, and interpret and weigh evidence as to whether the conclusions drawn are correct. Students will also be able to evaluate the strengths of comparable arguments, apply sociological knowledge to new problems, read and interpret tables of data and graphs, and recognize the strengths and limitations of both quantitative and qualitative data.

ObjectivesStudents graduating with a 2.0 GPA or better will be able to: :

  1. Critically assess cultural and social developments at the local and global levels;
  2. Successfully secure employment in entry-level positions; and
  3. Successfully apply for admission to BA degree programs.

Sociology Course Requirements:

Sociology CoreCredit HoursPrerequisites
SOC 131 Introduction to Sociology 3none
SOC 132 Social Stratification and Inequality3SOC 131
SOC 136 Social Problems 3SOC 131
SOC 231 Deviance3SOC 131
SOC 232 SOC Psych 3SOC 131
SOC 248 Social Organizations3SOC 131
Students must complete (2) courses from the following list:
EDU 230 Foundations of Education3ENG 131
PSY 130 Introduction to Psychology3EDU 230
PSY 230 Human Growth & Development 3PSY 131
General Education requirement for AA degree38-40 Hours
Sociology Courses or electives for AA degree24 Hours

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