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ART 120: Art Appreciation
2 Credits

A survey course designed to acquaint students with the art of various cultures and with the ideas and techniques basic to the arts of architecture, sculpture, painting, and related crafts; to develop greater appreciation of these forms of artistic expression. Required of all students.
Offered: Fall/Spring (A)

ART 130: Beginning Drawing*
3 Credits

An introduction to drawing with emphasis on the individual development of perception and the portrayal of visual forms using several different drawing media.

ART 230: Intermediate Drawing*
3 Credits
A continuation and expansion of the work in ART130. Students will be introduced to more varieties of drawing media and more sophisticated techniques. Emphasis will be placed on design and the development of a personal drawing esthetic with reference to historical models.
Prerequisite: ART 130.

ART 231: Fundamentals of Art
3 Credits

Acquaints students with the elements and principles of art. Designed to prepare the student to carry on a creative art program for young beginners. Oriented toward two-dimensional work. Students will have hands-on experience with beginning phases of drawing and painting.
Prerequisites: EDU 230 and PSY 131.
Offered: S (A)

ART 232: Beginning Painting*
3 Credits

An introduction to painting techniques in a variety of media.
Prerequisite: ART 130.

ART 330: Advanced Drawing*
3 Credits

An expanded study of the space and form relationships with class content directed at understanding various approaches to drawing and illustration. Students will research historic drawing styles.
Prerequisite: ART 230.

ART 332: Intermediate Painting*
3 Credits

An expansion and continuation of ART 232. Students will learn more techniques and begin to develop skill in composition. Classes will include discussion of historical styles of painting.
Prerequisite: ART 232.

ART 333: Art Survey*
3 Credits

A study of the visual and functional arts of the world, using a variety of approaches, both with scholarship and in the studio. Particular emphasis is placed upon an esthetic philosophy and an understanding of various media. Students will visit art galleries, make work, discuss design principles, and conduct research.
Prerequisites: ART 120 or 231, ART 230.

ART 334: Basic Design*
3 Credits

Students will learn basic design factors and processes. The problem solving approach will be utilized to stimulate visual perception and encourage inventive manipulation of tools, materials, and techniques. Development of vocabulary and strategy for professional practice will be emphasized through lectures, discussion, and critiques.
Prerequisites: ART 120 or 231, ART 230.

ART 433: Special Art Topics*
3 Credits

For the student who wishes to expand knowledge and skill in a particular area of art. Curriculum to be designed in conjunction with the instructor.
Prerequisite: Junior status and consent of area coordinator.

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