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ECO 210  Principles of Macroeconomics
An introduction to acquaint the student with economic analysis of aggregate employment, income, and prices are related to economic problems.  Topics include major schools of economic thought; aggregate supply and demand; economic measures, fluctuation, and growth; money and banking; stabilization techniques; and international trade, national income accounting, and fiscal and monetary policy.
Prerequisite:  MAT 126.  Offered: F/S

ECO 220 Principles of Microeconomics
An in-depth analysis of individual, business and industry choices in the market economy.  Topics include the price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market structures, factor markets, income distribution, market failure, and government intervention, the economics of production and cost, and analysis of firm behavior in various market models, resources markets and the international economy, and other related topics.
Prerequisite:  ECO 210.  Offered: F/S

ECO 310 Money and Banking
Analysis of the relationship between money and economic activity with emphasis on monetary theory, commercial banking, and financial markets and interest rates.  The interface of monetary policy, fiscal policy and debt management is also covered. 
Prerequisite:  ECO 220.  Offered F (A)

ECO 320 Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics (Economics for Managers) is an intermediate level course which develops simple, practical quantitative tools and intermediate microeconomic concepts for business students.  It uniquely integrates the discipline to other managerial functions, including accounting, finance, human resource management and marketing.  Managerial Economics uses a problem-solving approach to teach students how to make better business decisions.
Prerequisite:  ECO 220.  Offered S (A)

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