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ENG 131: Composition I
3 Credits
A writing course that begins with a review of the complex paragraph. Emphasis is on outlining, organizing thoughts, and the writing of essays. The course concludes with the writing of critical essays in a variety of modes, e.g., description, narration, exemplification, classification comparison/contrast, and definition.
Offered: F/S (A)

ENG 132: Composition II
3 Credits
A writing course that begins with the writing of persuasive and analytic essays. Emphasis is on research techniques. The course concludes with the writing of a research paper.
Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in ENG 131. Offered: F/S (A)

ENG 221: Introduction to Literature
3 Credits
An introduction to the elements of poetry, drama, and narrative fiction, and the critical concepts useful in discussing such works.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of “C” in ENG 132. Offered: F/S (A)

ENG 222: World Literature
3 Credits
A survey of world literature from ancient times to the present, with representative masterpieces from various periods and cultures that have significantly influenced the minds of mankind.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: F (E)

ENG 231: American Literature I
3 Credits
A survey of American Literature from its beginning in the Colonial Period to the American Civil War.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: F (A)

ENG 232: American Literature II
3 Credits
A survey of American Literature from the Civil War through the twenty-first century.
Prerequisite: ENG 231. Offered: S (A)

ENG 234: Advanced Grammar
3 Credits
This course focuses on understanding the grammar of modern English through analysis of the structure of English sentences.
Prerequisite: ENG 132. Offered: S (O)

ENG 235: Advanced Composition*
3 Credits
A practical course offering additional instruction and experience in the techniques of effective written communication.
Prerequisite: ENG 132

ENG 236: Adolescent Literature*
3 Credits
Extensive reading of literature especially written for young people in grades 7-12 with emphasis on the examination, selection, and utilization of such literature.
Prerequisite: ENG 221.

ENG 237: Children’s Literature
3 Credits
A study of literature written for children from K-6, with emphasis on selecting, arranging, and teaching literature to children.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: S(A)

ENG 238: Greek and Roman Drama
3 Credits
Study and analysis of background, form, content, and oral performance of classic drama.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: Spring (O)

ENG 239: Survey of Modern Drama
3 Credits
Reading and analysis of aims, techniques, and problems of dramatic literature.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: S (E)

ENG 240: Oral Interpretation of Literature*
3 Credits
The exploration of and exercise in bringing literature to life vocally and physically. This course will develop methods of delivering prose, poetry, and drama for adult and children audiences.
Prerequisite: ENG 221

ENG 241: Discussion and Debate*
3 Credits
A practical and prescriptive guidance into the function and leadership of small groups. Experience in research, argument, evidence, and delivery necessary for debate.
Prerequisites: ENG 221 and SPC 230

ENG 242: Women in Literature
3 Credits
This course examines the ways in which women negotiated the nexus of race, class, and gender through writing in a field that was overrun with men. Female writers have a lot intellectualism to add to literary discourse and sought to influence their own destinies. We will exam the literary history of women in an ever-changing historical landscape that seeks to minimize and claim that women’s history is ahistorical—nonexistent and can only be defined in their relationship to men.
Prerequisite: English 221. Offered F(E)

ENG 243 Literature and Film
3 Credits
This course seeks to explore the complex interplay between literature and film.  Historically, films have be based upon various literary genres--short stories, plays, novels, and poems.  There will be a high-level of reading in this course.  We will read novels and analyze their film adaptations.  Moreover, we will actively read film reviews and film theory.  This means doing the requisite readings before class and discussions.  Student writings will include their own reviews of films they watch outside of class sessions, analyses of the dramatic, cinematic, narrative aspects of films, and comparisons of literary works to their cinematic adaptations. 
Prerequisite: ENG 221. F (E)

ENG331 British Literature I
3 Credits
An introductory survey course of old and middle literature from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the Restoration and the eighteenth century.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: F (A)

ENG 332: British Literature II
3 Credits
A survey of the literature of the Romantic period, the Victorian Age, and twentieth century.
Prerequisite: ENG 331. Offered: S (A)

ENG 333: Literary Criticism
3 Credits
An introduction to literary theory and practical criticism designed to provide criteria for evaluating and appreciating literature, from Plato to the present.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: S (A)

ENG 334: Introduction to Phonetics*
3 Credits
Introductory study of the application of English phonetics as an aid in speech improvement. Regional speech patterns will be considered.
Prerequisites: ENG 221 and SPC 230.

ENG 335: Shakespeare
3 Credits
A study of the selected Shakespearean comedies, histories, and tragedies.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: F (E)

ENG 336: The Novel*
3 Credits
A study of representative novels from the eighteenth-century to the present, with special attention to the development of the form.
Prerequisite: ENG 221.

ENG 337: The Short Story*
3 Credits
A course that focuses on the history and development of the short story as a genre. Early prose narrative forms such as the fabliau and the fable are examined as antecedents of the “prose tale” defined by Poe. Key authors of short fiction from the nineteenth century to the present are surveyed.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. S (E)

ENG 338: Creative Writing*
3 Credits
A creative writing course with emphasis on short forms.
Prerequisite ENG 221.

ENG 339 Southern Literature--Voices of the South
3 Credits
This course highlights the large influence Southern writers have on American Literature and Culture.  Their works not only celebrate life in the cerebral south; they also perpetuate hidden ideologies concerning "pure blood," race, finer womanhood, and all of the social hierarchies imaginable.  With all of its problems, southern culture is brought to life through the beauty of words.  There is so much richness in southern literature that is certainly worth exploring and developing an appreciation for a history and culture of people that indeed dared to be different.  Their local color and regionalism are all charming aspects of their undying love and support of the south.  We will read texts written before, during, and after the Civil War to query what exactly was at stake.
Prerequisite ENG 221 S (E)

ENG 340 Black Women Writers
3 Credits
For many women of color invisibility has been a great concern and a constant reality.  This course will examine literature written by Black Women Writers.  It investigates representations of black women and pays particular attention to the ways in which black womanhood is characterized through intersectional paradigms of race, gender, sexuality, and social class.  Furthermore, this course queries how selected authors render black female characters in ways that perpetuate, contest, and/subvert stereotypical images of black women.  Lastly, this course is to challenge and destabilize the terms "woman" and "normatively." 
Prerequisite ENG 221 F (O)

ENG 430: African American Literature
3 Credits
An intensive reading course which surveys the history and types of literature produced by African American writers.
Prerequisites: ENG 221 or consent of the instructor. Offered: F (O)

ENG 431: Contemporary Literature
3 Credits
Types and trends in recent English and American Literature.
Prerequisite: ENG 221. Offered: F (E)

ENG 432: Mythology*
3 Credits
A study of mythology with attention to Greek and Roman myths and their contribution to Western art and thought, with emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.
Prerequisites: ENG 221 and ENG 238 or with the consent of the instructor.

ENG 433: Special Topics in English*
3 Credits
A course designed to explore specific research interests of students and/or faculty. Topics vary depending on the demand.
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

ENG 434: The Harlem Renaissance
3 Credits
The Harlem Renaissance, also sometimes called the New Negro Renaissance or the New Negro Movement, refers generally to an important artistic and sociocultural moment in world history during which Black writers, musicians, and artists of the 1900s and late 1930s produced a body of work remarkable for its breadth and complexity of themes. Interdisciplinary in nature, this course will focus on literary texts considered within the contexts of history, sociology, politics, autobiography, music, and the visual arts. Through our readings, we will explore the genesis and meaning of this exciting moment in cultural history, attempting to come to a deeper understanding of what compelled the movement and why the legacies of the Harlem Renaissance continue to influence African American literature and culture.
Prerequisite: English 221 F (E)

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