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FIN 150: Personal Financial Management*
2 Credits
Treatment of problem areas of major concern in business, marketing, and financing. Among the topics included are personal credit management, personal consumer economics, personal finance, personal monetary and banking, personal risk management, and personal small business management.
Prerequisite: MAT 126 This course will not be accepted as an elective or core course for business majors. Offered: F/S (A)

FIN 210: Principles of Finance
3 Credits
Emphasizes financing and investment decisions made by financial managers. Topics include time value of money, financial analysis, valuation of securities, alternative sources of short and long- term financing, operations of financial markets.
Prerequisites: MAT 125/126. Offered: F (A)

FIN 310: Principles of Investment*
3 Credits
Principles governing the proper investment of personal and institutional funds, information sources, security analysis, exchanges and regulation.
Prerequisite: FIN 131.

FIN 320: Financial Institutions and Markets*
3 Credits
A general study of the nature of financial institutions and markets in the United States and their interactions. How and why the institutions evolved, how they fit within the financial system, how they operate, their current impact, and their future role.
Prerequisite: FIN 131.

FIN 330: Financial Management*
3 Credits
A continuation of Business Finance. Topics included are capital budgeting, cost of capital and capital structure, and valuation of firm, dividend policy, and special managerial finance issues, e.g., merger, acquisitions, and divestitures.
Prerequisite: FIN 131.

FIN 340: Bank Management *
3 Credits
This course includes analysis and discussion of cases in commercial bank management. The loan function is emphasized; also the management of liquidity reserves, investment for income, sources of funds. Bank objectives, functions, policies, organization, structure, and regulations are considered.
Prerequisite: ECO 132.

FIN 410: Financial Asset Management*
3 Credits
A detailed analysis of the investigation of corporate securities as long-term investment. Investigation of the techniques for security valuation and portfolio management, with discussion of financial institution investment procedures. Considers mechanics, markets, institutions, and instruments important to the investment process.
Prerequisite: FIN 232.

FIN 420: International Corporate Finance*
3 Credits
Covers questions and issues which concern financial management of international corporations. Analysis of the financing of investment abroad and the management of assets in varying financial environments. The foreign investment decision, cost of capital and financial structure for multi-national decision-making, management of foreign subsidiary working capital, and financial control of multi-national operations.
Prerequisite: FIN 131.

FIN 460: Financial Planning Seminars and Applications*
3 Credits
Applications of personal financial planning tools to actual problems using interactive tools and information software designed to help plan, invest, and manage money. Students will analyze, choose, and defend their ideas and the course of action. Financial planning tools are also examined in conjunction with their related cases.
Prerequisite: Senior Business majors.

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