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COM 131: Mass Communications
3 Credits
An introduction to the basic types, principles, and practices of journalism and the mass media.
Prerequisite: ENG 131. Offered: F/S (A)

COM 135: Introduction to Media Writing
3 Credits
Theory and practices of writing across the various mass media. Emphasis will be placed on developing news writing skills for the print, electronic, and related media, noting the different styles and formats of these media.
Prerequisite: COM 131. Offered: F/S (A)

COM 210: Practical Journalistic Experience I
1 Credit
Practical, on-campus, supervised internship on the student newspaper, yearbook, or in the Public Relations Office.
Prerequisite: COM 131. Offered: Fall (A)

COM 212: Introduction to Broadcast and Cable TV Production
3 Credits
An introduction to the theories and studio production techniques of radio, “over-the-air” television, and cable TV programs. Students will research, write, produce, and direct news, documentary, entertainment, sports, and commercial programs for all three media genres: radio, broadcast, and cable television.
Prerequisite: COM 131, COM 210, and consent of the instructor. Offered: F/S

COM 233: Editorial Writing and Interpreting Public Issues*
3 Credits
Emphasis on analysis, criticism, and preparation of topics for editorials and commentaries for newspaper publication and broadcast media..
Prerequisite: COM 135.

COM 235: Newspaper Layout and Editing*
3 Credits
Practice in writing and editing the news copy, proof-reading, headline writing, and using wire copy. Teaches hands-on experience in designing newspaper dummies and making news judgment for placement of news stories for publication. Includes examination of the technical and aesthetic problems editors face.
Prerequisites: COM 131 and COM 135.

COM 236: Online Journalism for News Reporting
3 Credits
An introduction to the Internet, with emphasis on understanding the functions and uses of this new technology of computer communication and its applicability to basic research and news reporting techniques.
Prerequisite: COM 131. Offered: S (A)

COM 260: Interpersonal Communication
3 Credits
Interpersonal communication is the study of message transaction usually between two people, also known as dyadic communication, which works toward creating and sustaining shared meaning. In this course, students will examine identity needs, social needs and practical needs of communication between and among people. The concepts of perception, the self, culture, identity, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, listening, emotions, sharing personal information, conflict, close relationships and technology will be studied in depth.
Prerequisite: COM 131 & SPC 230 Offered: F

COM 310: Mass Media Internship I*
3 Credits
Off-campus internship either in print journalism, the electronic media, or in speech communication and theater. The student will work under the direct management of a supervisor and with oversight from a faculty coordinator.
Prerequisite: Junior Status, and prior approval.

COM 330: Writing for the Print Media
3 Credits
Principles and practices of writing for the print media with emphasis on news. Includes lectures, in-class writing exercises and out-of-class assignments.
Prerequisite: COM 135, 233. Offered: F (A)

COM 331: Photojournalism
3 Credits
The application of photography to publication illustration with assignments in spot news, sports, pictorial features, and photo editing. Emphasis on understanding the principles, tools, and techniques necessary to become effective photojournalists. Includes recent technological advances and changes, to color and digital photography.
Prerequisite: COM 135. Offered: S (O)

COM 332: Principles of Public Relations
3 Credits
An introduction to the principles and practices of public relations.
Prerequisite: COM 131, 135. Offered: F (A)

COM 333: Topics in Mass Communications and News Media
3 Credits
A seminar format course requiring research, gathering information, critically analyzing and presenting findings and results of research conducted by media specialists. In the course of the semester, students will be required to research, write and present “mini-papers” either individually or in groups.
Prerequisites: COM 131. Offered: F (A)

COM 335: Writing for Public Relations
3 Credits
Extensive practice in the institutional writing of persuasive messages for placement in various media. Writing types include press releases, press kits, speeches, and other type writing. The writing techniques presented will prepare students for writing careers in public relations.
Prerequisite: COM 332. Offered: F/S

COM 337: Media Law and Ethics
3 Credits
Study of the legal rights and responsibilities of the media; case studies of libel, invasion of privacy, contempt of court, copyright, free press/fair trial, and other First Amendment issues. Ethical problems and issues in print and broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, and new technologies will be discussed in relation to basic theories and functions of mass communication. Comparison of legal and ethical rights will be emphasized.
Prerequisite: COM 131 Offered: S (A)

COM 410: Mass Media Internship II*
3 Credits
Off-campus internship either in print journalism, electronic media, or speech communication. The student will work under the direct management of a supervisor with oversight from a faculty coordinator.
Prerequisite: COM 310; Senior Status.

COM 430: Advanced News Reporting and Writing*
3 Credits
Instruction and practice in specialized reporting and the writing of enterprise or in-depth news stories. Includes in-class laboratory exercises, the researching and presenting of major story projects.
Prerequisites: COM 236, 330

COM 431: Feature and Magazine Writing*
3 Credits
Instruction and practice in generating ideas, researching, organizing and writing non-fiction feature articles for newspapers and magazines. Teaches analytical skills in identifying audience and target publications for selling an article, from conception to publication, including knowledge of the mechanics of manuscript preparation and submission, writer-editor relationship, contractual, legal and ethical responsibilities of free-lancing.
Prerequisites: COM 330, 430 Offered: S (O)

COM 432: Writing for the Broadcast Media
3 Credits
Instruction and practice in gathering, evaluating and writing news for the broadcast media.
Prerequisite: COM 135 Offered: F (A)

COM 433: Radio and Television Announcing*
3 Credits
Study of tools needed to become a more effective broadcast communicator, with emphasis on the role of the announcer in all broadcast situations, live and/or recorded.
Prerequisite: COM 135

COM 435: Broadcast Production*
3 Credits
Theories and techniques in the preparation of broadcast programming. Emphasis on the production of radio music and news formats, and the development, writing, directing and production of basic television program types.
Prerequisites: COM 212, 432

COM 437: Public Relations Strategies and Campaigns*
3 Credits
Application of the basic principles and concepts of public relations to tasks and problem-solving, presented through case studies and issue management evaluation. Emphasis will also be placed on hands-on experience in preparing full- blown public relations campaigns.
Prerequisites: COM 332, 335

COM 439: Survey of Electronic Media*
3 Credits
Survey of communication and telecommunications technologies, including operational theories as well as practical applications. Includes providing a total introductory approach to the study of the electronic media and cable systems, the telecommunications landscape, and computer technology. Emphasis on the history and organization of the industry, programming practices, equipment, distribution networks, and business practices, including legal, regulatory and ethical considerations.
Prerequisite: COM 131, 333

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