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MAT 125: Algebra I
3 Credits
Starting with properties of exponents and culminating with a thorough study of exponential and logarithmic functions, this course will provide the necessary foundational algebraic skills for success in the Calculus sequence. Other major topics include linear equations, system of linear equations, quadratic equations, circles, inverse functions, and transformations of graphs.
Offered: F/S (A)

MAT 126: Algebra II
3 Credits
Continuation of MAT 125.
Prerequisite: MAT 125. Offered: F/S (A)

MAT 140: College Trigonometry
3 Credits
A basic course in trigonometry ranging from measurement of angles to the study of complex numbers on the plane. This course will provide the necessary trigonometric background for success in the Calculus sequence. Other major topics include right triangle relationships, trigonometry on the unit circle, solving trigonometric equations, trigonometric identities, and inverse trigonometric functions.
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MAT 126, or consent of instructor. Offered: F/S (A)

MAT 230: Discrete Mathematics
3 Credits
A study of logic, sets, relations, Boolean algebra, graph theory, and trees.
Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C in MAT 125/126 or consent of the instructor. Offered: S (A)

MAT 233: Probability and Statistics
3 Credits
Basic statistical concepts, elementary probability theory, probability distribution, sampling and sampling distributions; expected values, correlation and regression analysis, tests of hypothesis, and statistical inferences and interpretation of tabular reports.
Prerequisite: MAT 125/126. Offered: F (A)

MAT 240: Calculus I
4 Credits
This first course in calculus reviews the Cartesian plane and functions, and introduces limits, continuity, differentiation and integration.
Offered: F/S (A)

MAT 241: Calculus II
4 Credits
This second course in calculus provides application of differentiation and integration to min-max problems, volumes and areas; extends integration and differentiation to logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions; and introduces some integration techniques.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in MAT 240. Offered: S (A)

MAT 242: Linear Algebra
3 Credits
An introduction to basic operations with matrices, vectors, and linear equations; including: vector spaces, scalar and vector products, spaces of dimensions, linear transformations, bilinear and quadratic forms and infinite series of matrices.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in MAT 140. Offered: Spring (O)

MAT 310, MAT 311, MAT 410 and MAT 411: Mathematics Seminars I-IV*
1 Credit
These courses are designed for students to give oral and written presentations of special topics in mathematics or the history of mathematics.
Prerequisite: Junior status with consent of the instructor.

MAT 330: Teaching Elementary Mathematics (K-6)
3 Credits
Methods and materials of teaching mathematics at the elementary level, including the appropriate use of technology in those methods and creation of materials. Designed to introduce the prospective elementary school teacher to the basic essentials of arithmetic, and some concepts of Mathematics from a pedagogical perspective. This course is also available to in-service teachers.
Prerequisites: EDU 230 and MAT 125/126. Offered: S (A)

MAT 331: Methods of Teaching Secondary Math (7-12)
3 Credits
Designed for students who plan to certify in secondary education. Focus on methods, materials, the use of technology in those methods and materials, and concerns related to the subject area.
Prerequisites: EDU 230, PSY 131, and 12 hours of mathematics. Offered: S (A)

MAT 333: Modern Geometry
3 Credits
Advanced plane geometry, synthetic and analytic projective geometry and its relationships to Euclidean and other geometries.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in MAT 242. Offered: S (E)

MAT 335: Abstract Algebra
3 Credits
Consideration of fundamental mathematical systems and concepts of modern algebra, including the well-ordering principle, integral domains, groups, rings, fields, and methods of congruence.
Prerequisite: MAT 241. Offered: F (O)

MAT 340: Calculus III
4 Credits
Indefinite series and approximate computation, partial derivatives and differentiation with applications, multiple integration, and differential equations.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade C in MAT 241. Offered: F (O)

MAT 341: Differential Equations
4 Credits
Classification and solution of common types of elementary differential equations including methods and solutions of ordinary differential equations of first order, and of higher orders with emphasis upon geometrical and physical applications.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in MAT 241. Offered: S (E)

MAT 430: Advanced Calculus I
3 Credits
Real numbers and Euclidean N-space, continuous functions, differentiable functions of one variable, of several variables, and Riemann integral.
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MAT 242 and MAT 340. Offered: S (E)

MAT 431: Advanced Calculus II
3 Credits
Classical Lebesque Integral, power series, curvex, surfaces, and integral theorem, divergence, theorems of Green and Stokes. Some applications.
Prerequisite: Minimum of grade of C in MAT 430. Offered: S (O)

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