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MKT 131: Principles of Marketing
3 Credits
The marketing function of the firm from the standpoint of the decision-maker. The marketing variables of products, channels, prices, and promotion as related both to the profitability of the firm and the satisfaction of customers.
Prerequisite: MAT 125/126. Offered: F (A)

MKT 231: Consumer Behavior
3 Credits
A detailed study of the forces which shape the process of consumer motivation and decision making. Topics include theoretical models of consumer choice processes and the influences of culture, lifestyle, and demographics on the consumer. Emphasis on creating a link between some behavioral concepts and marketing strategy.
Prerequisite: MKT 131. Offered: F (E)

MKT 232: Promotion and Advertising*
3 Credits
Advertising as a communications tool in marketing management. Develops an understanding of the role of advertising under diverse marketing conditions. The nature of communications process and its relationship to advertising. Topics include advertising budget, media planning, the advertising agency, the creative process, and evaluation and control of advertising.
Prerequisite: MKT 131.

MKT 233: International Marketing*
3 Credits
An examination of various factors surrounding the conduct of business in foreign lands. Emphasis on the problems and decisions facing managers of International marketing across national boundaries, the environment in which international marketing takes place, and ways of integrating and coordinating marketing programs in diverse markets.
Prerequisite: MKT 131.

MKT 331: Professional Selling*
3 Credits
Professional selling will recognize that today’s salesperson faces a skeptical, well-educated, and sophisticated buyer, and that the professional sales person must be far more than a purveyor of goods and services. Professional selling will attempt to harmonize techniques and strategies with personality development. Topics include behavioral theories, ethics, a model of the selling process, and management of the sales force.
Prerequisite: MKT 131.

MKT 332: Marketing Research
3 Credits
This course covers research methodology with the emphasis on the application of social science techniques of research to marketing problems. Critical evaluation of various sources of information, research procedures, and methods of utilizing research findings is required. An individual or group research project provides practical application of the methods studied.
Prerequisites: MKT 131 and MAT 233. Offered: S (O)

MKT 333: Marketing Management Seminar*
3 Credits
An open-ended discussion approach to contemporary marketing problems relative to the internal operation and external environment of the firm.
Prerequisites: MKT 131 and senior classification.

MKT 334: Sport Marketing*
3 Credits
The basic marketing concepts to the sports industry. Fundamental marketing techniques such as advertising, sales, promotion, fund raising, and journalism will be explored in relation to sports.
Prerequisite: MKT 131.

MKT 430 Marketing Analytics
3 credits
This course examines how firms use information and quantitative tools to compete in distinctive ways. Uniquely blending the art and science of marketing, cases are combined with Excel, Qualtrics, and SPSS lab exercises to help students apply quantitative tools (ROI, NPV, statistical sampling theory, simulation and regression analysis) to the marketing decision making process.

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