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PSY 130: Introduction to Psychology
3 Credits
The science of behavior as it is used to help the student develop insight into his/her own psychological processes and those of others. Stresses psychological knowledge and procedures applicable in the solution of personal and social problems.

PSY 131: Educational Psychology
3 Credits
The study of psychological principles of learning and evaluation of learning from pre-school through high school age. Emphasis is upon developing a model for teaching and the application of theory to the classroom. Attention is given to educational research materials and techniques.
Prerequisite: EDU 230. Offered: S (A)

PSY 230: Human Growth and Development
3 Credits
The physical and psychological growth and development of the human organism with emphasis upon childhood. Explores both principles and characteristics of growth and development in areas such as behavior and language patterns, cognitive growth, and self- concept.
Prerequisite: PSY 131. Offered: F (A)

PSY 330: The Exceptional Learner
3 Credits
A survey course with an overview of the field of special education, including the historical perspective of the field. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics and education of children and growth in each area of exceptionality.
Prerequisite: PSY 131. Offered: F (A)

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