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SPN 131 and SPN 132: Elementary Spanish I and II
3 Credits
Study of pronunciation, oral-aural practice. An introduction to Spanish grammar and dictation, translation, conversation, and readings dealing with aspects of Spanish culture.
Offered: F/S (A)

SPN 231 and SPN 232: Intermediate Spanish I and II*
3 Credits
A continuation of Spanish SPN 131 and SPN 132. Oral-aural ability acquired in the first year further development. Reading and writing stressed.

SPN 331: Spanish Literature*
3 Credits
A study of Spanish literature from the beginning of the 18th century to the 21st century will be discussed and important works of literature in the Spanish Language.

SPN 332: Spanish Literature II
3 Credits
A rapid survey of all aspects of Spanish and Spanish-American culture and civilization. Historical background, major contributions of the Spanish world in art and literature, and modern customs and conditions.

SPN 333: Spanish Composition and Conversation*
3 Credits
Conversation and composition develop fluency in the oral usage as well as grammar usage of the Spanish Language.

SPN 334: Survey of Spanish Culture
3 Credits
This course provides of survey of various aspects of Spanish culture and civilization. Taught in Spanish.

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