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The Department of History aims to help students better understand the world in which they live, how it works, and the dynamics of historical and social change. Additionally, the Department prepares history majors to pursue graduate studies, law, and careers in historical preservation, government, business and teaching.


Students graduating with a degree in History will:

  1. Know the major aspects of History and to facts which are important in the development of mankind and civilization;
  2. Understand the social, economic, and political trends in History, both past and present;
  3. Be prepared for teaching in the area of History; and,
  4. Have a strong foundation for pursuing further studies in graduate and/or professional schools.

Requirements for the History Major

A major in History requires 33 credit hours, including 5 required HIS courses (15 credit hours), GEO 231, (3 credit hours) and 5 elective courses (15 credit hours) to be chosen from History and Political Science, as indicated in the curriculum chart.

Requirements for the History Minor

A minor in History requires 18 hours to include: HIS 231, HIS 232, HIS 430, and 9 hours of electives in history.

Teacher Certification in History

Licensure in Secondary Education, located in the Teacher Education section of this Catalog pages 68-74, lists the professional core courses for your major.

History Curriculum and Suggested Program

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