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The Department of Sociology provides an integrated program of instruction in the understanding of human culture and social organization. Sociology seeks to describe how human social behavior changes and organized.

The Department prepares students to pursue graduate study and employment in Sociology and research, but also in a number of other fields, including criminal justice, law, social work, public health and government.


Students graduating with a degree in Sociology will:

  1. Understand major sociological concepts, theories, perspectives, methods, and knowledge, including culture, social structure, interaction, and change;
  2. Comprehend the world beyond the single dimensionality of any cultural view and will recognize the value of other cultural perspectives, and understand the relationship between power and perspective;
  3. Understand group behavior and the social forces operating in society including the structures, processes, and functions or dysfunctions of social organizations and institutions;
  4. Be able to identify major social problems in the American society; and critically examine and analyze contemporary social issues;
  5. Understand the United States is a multicultural nation and the world has become a small village. A person’s life is affected by what is happening within a community/state/country and by events taking place worldwide;
  6. Be able to think critically and assess information about society using sociological concepts and a social science mode of argument;
  7. Understand and be able to apply statistical concepts and conduct research; and,
  8. Be prepared to continue their education in professional or graduate study beyond the B.A. degree.

Requirements for the Major in Sociology

A major in Sociology requires the completion of 124 credit hours, including 8 required courses (24 credit hours), MAT 233 – Probability and Statistics (3 credit hours), and three Sociology elective courses (9 credit hours).

Requirements for the Minor Sociology

A minor in Sociology requires the completion of a minimum of 21 credit hours of course work in Sociology. The required courses for a minor in Sociology consist of the following: SOC 131, SOC 132, SOC 231, SOC 232, SOC 430, SOC 432, and one SOC elective.

Sociology Curriculum and Suggested Program
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