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The Department of Mass Communication is committed to a pedagogy that emphasizes skills as critical consumers of knowledge and information, as well as producers of this knowledge. The Department prepares students to function effectively in and to contribute to a world that is changing at a rapid pace and is communication-intensive and technology-driven.

Mass Communication students receive hands-on experience and training in the use of equipment and technology to enhance their writing and verbal communication skills, apply theories in the use of presentations of images and information, and demonstrate their understanding of the uses communications technologies and how they influence people in a global society.


Students who complete the Mass Communication major at Lane College will have:

  1. The ability to write clearly and accurately for broadcast, print, cable, internet, and social media;
  2. Understanding about the function and effect of mass media in a democratic society;
  3. Knowledge about the technological, economic, and human factors that are involved in the production of print and broadcast media; and,
  4. Knowledge, skills, and experience in print and broadcast and public relations.

Requirements for the Major Mass Communications

Mass Communication majors are required to take 37 credit hours in Mass Communication as follows: 22 credit hours in core courses; 2 courses from General Communication courses (6 credit hours); and 3 courses from Communication electives (9 credit hours).

All Mass Communication majors and minors must demonstrate the ability to effectively use a word processor.

Students with a major or minor in Mass Communications must complete the required English Composition courses with a minimum grade of C in each course. At the discretion of the major advisor, students with a satisfactory grade in Composition I may be allowed to take introductory Mass Communication courses before successfully completing Composition II. All Mass Communication majors are encouraged to complete at an internship before graduation.

Mass Communication Curriculum and Suggested Program

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