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The Department of Music is committed to providing the most productive experience for students who wish to study music. The Department has established the following goals to achieve its mission: 1) promotion of an understanding and appreciation for music in various forms for all students as a vital part of a liberal education; 2) encouragement of intellectual and individual creativity through exposure to a variety of musical experiences; and 3) examination and study of African Americans and the ways in which Music has permeated various cultures of the world.

Students in Music may choose an emphasis in performance, (voice, piano, woodwinds, etc.) and/ or pursue Music Education as an option.


Upon graduating students majoring in Music will be able to:

  1. Perform repertoire and technical exercises of standard “classical” works in various styles by major composers from the major periods of music history, including works of African-American composers;
  2. Demonstrate basic skills of musicianship at the piano;
  3. Exhibit knowledge of musical terminology, principles of music theory and structure, the history and literature of music, and basic reference works;
  4. Exhibit effective written and oral communication skills regarding musical compositions, performances, and experiences; and,
  5. Understand the role of the musician in service to the community and to the broad career opportunities for a vocation in Music.

Requirements for the Major in Music

The major in Music requires 124 semester hours. Incoming freshmen and transfer students must take a theory placement test. Some may be required to complete MUS 031 Fundamentals of Music Theory. This course does not count toward the major or minor degree program in music.

Music majors must complete eight semesters of an ensemble, i.e. Band or Choir, and eight semesters of Applied Music study on a single instrument or voice. The required courses for the music major are indicated in the curriculum chart.

All Music majors and minors are required to attend recitals and other concerts as required by the Music faculty. No credit is awarded for Recital/Concert attendance, which is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Students must pass each semester in order to fulfill their graduation requirement.

All Music majors will give a half recital (30 minutes in length) in the junior year, and a full-length (45 minutes to an hour in length) Senior Recital. Music minors may give a half recital or appear before a jury composed of the Music faculty.

Requirements for the Minor in Music

The minor in Music requires 27 semester hours. Music minors must complete four semesters of an ensemble, i.e. Band or Choir, and four semesters of Applied Music study on a single instrument or voice. Music minors must also complete MUS 131, MUS 132, MUS 323, MUS 331, and MUS 332.

Music Curriculum and Suggested Program

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