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The Department of Religion enlightens students about the critical role that religion and the church have influenced the lives of people throughout history. The Department prepares students for ministry and entry to graduate school in religion or philosophy upon graduation.


Graduates majoring in Religion will be able to:

  1. Relate religious ideas and concepts to other forms of knowledge and interpretative frameworks;
  2. Reflect on the diversity of religious ideas in distinct historical and cultural contexts;
  3. Understand the values of the Black expressions of religion, focusing on the Black Church;
  4. Understand the literary-critical methods of Bible study and promote Biblical literacy; and,
  5. Follow careers in ministry and/or graduate religious studies.

Requirements for the Religion Major

A major in Religion requires 30 semester hours, including 8 required courses (24 credit hours) as in the curriculum chart. The remaining 12 hours must be selected from Religion or Philosophy courses. Students should consult with their academic advisor before registering each semester.

Requirements for the Religion Minor

A minor in Religion requires 18 credit hours, including PHL 131 -- Introduction to Philosophy, and REL 130 World Religions. The remaining 12 hours must be selected from Religion and Philosophy courses.

Religion Curriculum and Suggested Program

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