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The Department of Biology places considerable focus on preparing students for graduate work in Biology and other science-related fields. This is facilitated through formal courses and lectures, laboratories, and seminars in a broad range of subjects, which present principles, facts, and concepts of biology. Students are encouraged to engage in research with faculty during the academic year and summer.

The Department recognizes and prepares students for careers in medicine, dentistry, and teaching.


The Biology Program is designed to stimulate and challenge students to develop skills in concept learning, to understand the strategies of investigation, to communicate ideas, and to accept responsibilities of scientific leadership. Graduates in the Program will:

  1. Develop critical thinking, reading, and communication skills at the highest level;
  2. nderstand the basic laws, principles, and current theories of Biology from the cellular to the ecosystem level; and,
  3. Enter graduate, professional schools, or pursue positions in the private sector.

The Biology curriculum includes courses in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Students graduating from the program will earn a Bachelor of Science Degree and a minor in Chemistry. For students desiring to teach high school, the Biology Program is designed to meet Tennessee certification requirements in Biology and Chemistry. Courses are available for students to prepare them for admission into medical, dental, or other professions.

Requirements for the Major in Biology

A major in Biology consists of 44 semester hours of courses in Biology and related courses in Chemistry and Physics, as indicated in the curriculum chart.

Requirements for the Minor in Biology

A minor in Biology consists of 16 semester hours in Biology with a minimum grade of C in each course offered for the minor. The following courses are required of all Biology minors: BIO 141, BIO 142, and 8 credit hours of elective courses.

Biology Curriculum and Suggested Program

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