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The Computer Science program has been designed to provide a broad introduction to the field within the context of a liberal arts education. The curriculum emphasizes the interrelationship between the computer and other disciplines. Because computers will continue to be a central importance to society, the Computer Science program emphasizes the acquisition of marketable knowledge and skills for professional careers in computer systems, programming languages, software engineering, and database design and analysis.


Students graduating with a degree in Computer Science will be able to:

  1. Understand strategies for effective design and their application in designing computing systems;
  2. Understand the principles of computer science and problem solving; and,
  3. Be competitive in the computing job market or enter graduate programs in computing.

General Studies

The area of Computer Science offers the courses, CSC 131 Introduction to Computers, and CSC 132 Foundations of Computing. CSC 131 is a general studies requirement for all Lane College students except Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics majors. Students majoring in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics take CSC 132 as a general studies requirement.

Requirements for the Major in Computer Science

Majors in Computer Science are required to complete 44 credit hours in Computer Science and Mathematics, including 32 required credit hours and 12 credit hours of electives, as indicated in the curriculum chart. Twelve hours of Computer Science electives can be selected from any of the following Computer Science courses:

CSC 110Personal Computer Systems Repair (1 credit hour)
CSC 233Data Communication and Computer Networks
CSC 236Introduction to Digital Computer Design
CSC 237Assembly Language
CSC 239Visual Programming
CSC 333Computer Graphics
CSC 334Information Systems and Design
CSC 336Software Engineering
CSC 339Database Management Systems

Requirements for the Minor in Computer Science

A minor in Computer Science shall consist of 18 credit hours of Computer Science. The required Computer Science courses are CSC 133 and CSC 134. The remaining 12 hours may be selected from any other Computer Science courses at or above the 200 level.

Computer Science Curriculum and Suggested Program

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