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The Department of Mathematics produces highly competent Mathematics graduates by providing a rigorous and balanced curriculum that serves the needs of majors and other students as a part of the General Studies core curriculum. The Department‘s goal is to enhance the students’ intellectual abilities by developing and refining their mathematical thinking skills (logical reasoning, generalization, and abstraction) and their communication skills to convey mathematical knowledge and technology skills for mathematical research and inquiry.


Students graduating with a degree in Mathematics will:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of mathematics that are necessary for functioning effectively in society;
  2. Develop skills necessary for certification in mathematics at the secondary level for students desiring teaching careers;
  3. Demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to use mathematics gainfully in business, industry, and government;
  4. Emphasize the importance of mathematics in research and its use as a computational tool in the sciences; and,
  5. Be competitive for careers in mathematics, and graduate and professional schools.

Requirements for the Major in Mathematics

Majors in Mathematics are required to complete thirty-eight (38) credit hours in Mathematics, including 20 in mathematics, six (6) in Computer Science, and 12 elective credit hours, as indicated in the curriculum chart. MAT125/126, MAT 140, and CSC 132 do not count toward the Mathematics major.

Requirements for the Minor in Mathematics

Minors in Mathematics are required to complete eighteen (18) semester hours, exclusive of MAT 125/ 126, and MAT 140. All Mathematics minors must take the following courses: MAT 240, MAT 241, and MAT 341. The remaining six hours may be selected from courses in the Mathematics and/or physics curriculum, approved by the Mathematics faculty.

Mathematics Curriculum and Suggested Program

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