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Prior Learning Assessment FAQ      

Who can answer questions about Prior Learning Assessments?

After you have been admitted to Lane College, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Speak with your Academic Advisor about whether your experience can qualify for college credit.

Standards for Awarding PLA Credit

Requirements for PLA credit to be awarded: Academic credit will be awarded to:

  1. Admitted students.
  2. Students who have consulted with an academic advisor about the possibility seeking PLA credit.
  3. Students who have declared an academic program.
  4. Courses directly applicable to curriculum requirements of the declared program. Changing majors will result in a reassessment of the applicability of the PLA credit.
  5. PLA credit will be awarded with:A letter grade of "P" will be assigned for credit granted. Because no grade is assigned other than "P", no Quality Points will be awarded to count toward GPA.


Q. I have 20 years of work experience. How much credit can I receive?
   A. We award credit for the demonstration of college-level learning and not experience alone, so you will need to present your training transcripts, develop a portfolio, or take an exam. Talk with your adviser about the best option for you.

Q. Do I pay a per credit fee?
   A. There is a one-time $150.00 fee for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course and a $75 per credit fee applied to your program. The PLA course fee is non-refundable.

Q. Are PLA credits transferable if I leave Lane College?
   A. That decision would be made by the college/university you plan to attend.

Q. If I am not awarded credit after a PLA evaluation, will I get a refund?
   A. No, the fees cover the cost of the assessment and are not refundable.

Q. Who evaluates my prior learning?
   A. PLA Faculty Coordinator(s) have reviewed the transfer courses. They are also responsible for any credit by exam and credit by portfolio evaluations.

Q. Can prior learning credits be substituted for any Lane College course?
   A. No, there are some courses that are unique and necessary to the goals of the degree. Therefore, the department has determined that you must enroll and successfully complete the course work at Lane College.

Q. If I am not awarded PLA credit, can I appeal the decision?
   A. Yes, you may. If you do not successfully pass credit by exam or credit by portfolio, you have the right to appeal by first resolving the disagreement with the PLA Faculty Coordinator(s) and then through Office of Academic Affairs.

Q. How many Prior Learning credits can be applied to my academic program?
   A. Associate's Degree up to 30 credit hours. Bachelor's Degree up to 60 credit hours.

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