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Student Rights and Freedoms      

Lane College endorses academic freedom. The College also endorses citizenship freedoms including freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of the press, and freedom to petition for redress of grievances.

The College seeks constructive changes and will work with the faculty and the Student Government Association in order to make necessary revisions in programs, policies and procedures.

Academic freedom, however, is not academic license. Therefore, in the interest of insuring the education that instructors are here to provide and that students are here to receive, Lane College will not tolerate the use of physical force or physical destruction or other activity which infringes upon the freedom of others, deny the opportunity for instructors to teach and for students to learn, or interfere with the right of speakers to speak and listeners to listen. The College maintains that the rights and freedoms of students do not include the right to hamper and restrain the movements of others; to interfere with school operations including the conduct of classes and the performance of office work; to obstruct movement into, through, and out of school buildings; to disrupt school operations; to seize and occupy school buildings, to injure persons, to damage or to destroy property.

The College affirms and supports the basic principle that free inquiry and free expressions are fundamental and indispensable rights that should be enjoyed by all members of the College community. It does not condone dissent that expresses itself through the use of physical force and/or physical obstruction. Therefore, students who use physical force and/or physical obstruction in an attempt to force their wills upon others will be held fully responsible and discipline for such actions will be prompt and sufficient to the cause.

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