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This information is distributed annually to all current students and employees of Lane College, and, upon request, to any applicant for enrollment or employment.  Lane College provides this report as a part of its obligation to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.  The material presented here is subject to modification, update, and/or correction as necessary at any time.


Procedure for Reporting Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies

All emergency situations on or off campus involving: 

1.   A crime in progress

2.   A medical emergency

3.   A fire

should be immediately reported by dialing 911 or 9-911 if you are dialing from a campus phone.  The 911 number should be used only in crisis situations where it is necessary to summon police, fires, ambulance, or other emergency service.

The Central Dispatcher who fields calls to the Jackson Emergency 911 number is prepared to handle police, fire, or medical emergencies.

Be ready when you call to provide your name, address, call-back number, and the location of whatever it is you are calling to report.  Try to be calm enough to think about the answers to questions such as who, what, when, where, why, and how.

It is unlawful to call 911 in non-emergency situations.  Callers to 911 should realize that when there is an emergency, their telephone numbers may be automatically displayed on a viewing screen located at the answering point.  This display of the calling number enables emergency personnel to locate the caller if the call is disrupted by the crisis, and for other investigative purposes.  

Residence halls are staffed on a 24-hour basis by Residence Counselors who are trained and ready to provide any needed assistance in emergency and other potentially concerning situations.  Once informed of an emergency or non-emergency situation, Residence Counselors will take appropriate steps to contact Campus Security, a College Official, and/or the appropriate external agency (police, fire, medical).

Non-emergency incidents occurring on campus can be reported directly to the College Security by calling (731) 426-7645/426-7531 (Daytime), or (731) 426-7574/426-7531 (Evenings).

Protective Escort Service

The Protective Escort Service is an on-campus service to provide protective escort for members of the campus community. This service primarily serves persons who find it necessary to travel alone on campus late at night. For escort service while traveling between campus buildings or to a campus parking lot, call any of the residence halls. The telephone numbers for the residence halls are:

Hamlett Hall    (731)426-7574          Cleaves Hall (731) 426-7515

Graves Hall      (731)426-7566         Smith Hall (731) 426-7530

Edens Hall    (731)256-8841          Eastbrook (731) 422-3099

Orchards Hall      (731)256-8743         Alumni Hall (731) 868-1233

Lane Hall      (731) 215-1532         Harper Hall (731) 215-1753

For escort service while traveling from any of the campus parking lots to a campus building. call any of the above listed numbers before your arrival.  Give your estimated time of arrival, and an escort will meet you at the parking lot you designated.

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