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Safety Information      

Crime Log

The Lane College Crime Log, which contains the nature, date, time, and general location of crimes, is housed in the Office of Student Affairs located in Bray Hall on the campus. The Log is available for public inspection during the College’s normal hours of business.

Timely Warning Reports

All criminal offenses occurring on campus should be reported immediately to the College’s Security Department. A warning will be issued when the occurrence of a crime(s) listed in the annual Security Report or any serious crime or a series of crimes, indicates a pattern developing that could represent a threat to students or employees. This warning may include campus e-mails, campus hand mail and postings in residence halls and other campus buildings. Currently no polices or procedures are in effect at Lane College which allow victims or witnesses to report crimes on a volunteer confidential basis for the annual disclosure of crime statistics. Accordingly, individuals wishing to report a crime must identify themselves.

Access to Campus Facilities

All buildings are secured as soon as possible after offices close or, in the case of a classroom building, after the last class of the day. Lane College Security Officers work closely with department chairs and building owners/administrators to maximize security coverage and ensure appropriate access controls. Security officers make regular checks of each building to ensure that the buildings remain secure.

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