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NameTitle / Education
Abdi, Idris(2007) Assistant Professor of Biology;

B.S., Morehead State University;
M.S., Tuskegee University;
Ph.D., Alabama A & M University
Adedokun, Tade(2002) Associate Professor of Biology;

B.A., Malone College;
M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Anderson, Clarice N.(2010) Instructor of History;

B.A. Lane College;
M.A., Southern University and A&M College
Anyanwu, Bede(2002) Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice;

B.A., M.A., University of Central Oklahoma;
J.D., Michigan State University;
Ed. D., Oklahoma State University
Appiah-Tutu Osei, Christopher(2003) Assistant Professor of English;

B.A., University of Ghana;
M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Bailey, Lilieth L.(2010) Assistant Professor of English;

B.A., Georgia State University;
M.A., Southern Polytechnic State University;
D.A., Clark Atlanta University
Bond, Susan(2010) Associate Professor of Religion;

B.A., Purdue University;
M. Div. Christian Theological Seminary;
M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Brooks, Samone Polk(2000) Instructor of English;

B.A., Fisk University;
M.Ed., University of Minnesota;
Further study: University of West Georgia
Carter, Nathaniel(1974) Associate Professor of Religion;

B.A. Lane College;
M. Div., Phillips School of Theology;
M.A., Fisk University
Chachere, Karen(2010) Associate Professor of English;

B.S. University of Wisconsin;
M.A. Chicago State University;
Ph.D. Illinois State University
Cho, Jea Pil(2014)Assistant Professor of Mathematics;
B.S. Yeungnam University;
M.S. New Mexico State University;
Ph.D. Texas Tech University
Chukwuma, Godwin(2009) Associate Professor of Sociology;

B.S., M.S., Alabama A&M University;
Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Coleman, Daryll(2011) Assistant Professor of Religion;

B.A. Haverford College;
M.T.S., Southern Methodist University
Das, Tirthanath(2013) Assistant Professor of Physics;

B.A., Delhi University;
M.S., Delhi University;
M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale;
Drew, Maxwell(2013) Assistant Professor of Computer Science;

B.S.E., University of Florida;
M.A.T., University of Florida;
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Gaber, Farag(2005) Assistant Professor of Chemistry;

B.S., El-Fateh University, Libya;
M.S., University of Missouri-Columbia;
M.S., Mississippi State University
Gaye, Matar(2005) Assistant Professor of French;

B.S., Cheick A. Diop National University of Sénégal at Dakar;
M.A., Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Giberson, Louis(2011) Assistant Professor;

A.A., Lewis and Clark Community College;
B.A., Greenville College;
M.F.A. Memphis College of Art
Gray, Andrew(2015). Instructor of English.

B.A., Union University;
M.F.A. University of Montana
Griffin, Sydneria(2008) Instructor of Mathematics;

B.A., Central State University;
M.S., Chicago StateUniversity;
Further study: The University of Iowa
Harris, Amelia(2011)Instructor of Business & Blackboard Liaison;
B.A. Union University;
MBA, University of Tennessee at Martin
Hicks, Latorya(2013) Assistant Professor of Chemistry;

B.S. Lane College;
Ph.D., Wesleyan University
Jackson, Carleen Payne(2008) Assistant Professor of History;

B.A., Stillman College;
M.A., New York University;
Ph.D., University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. Further study: Auburn University
Jeong, Ki Tai(2005) Assistant Professor of Computer Science;

B.S., Dankook University, Seoul, Korea;
M.S., Ph.D., University of North Texas
Jimerson, Anita(2014)Assistant Professor of English;
B.A., Grambling State University;
M.A.L.S. Grambling State University
Jones, Andrew(2012) Assistant Professor of Business;

B.S., University of Tennessee at Martin;
M.B.A., Harvard University
Jones, Clarence(2011) Assistant Professor of Management/Business Communication;

B.A., Tougaloo College;
M.S., Belhaven University
Kahanda, Galathara(2009) Assistant Professor of Computer Science;

B.S., University of Paradeniya, Sri Lanka;
M.S., Brooklyn College of the City University of New York;
M.Phil.; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Lassiter, Jansa(2012) Instructor of Spanish;

B.A., B.S., Stanford University;
M.A., The University of Alabama
McMurtrey, Danya(2010) Assistant Professor of English;

B.A., Louisiana State University;
M.A., Tennessee State University
Mgughuni, Azaria, (2015). Assistant Professor of History. B.A. Grand Valley State University;

M.A. Howard University;
Ph,D, Howard University
Moody, Eddie(2014)Associate Professor of Chemistry;
B.S. Union University;
M.S., Ph.D. University of Memphis;
M.D. University of Medicine and Health Science
Mputubwele, Makim(1999) Associate Professor of English;

B.A., Université Nationale du Zaire;
M.A., Indiana University;
Ph.D., Purdue University
O'Kere, Harold(2010) Assistant Professor of Accounting;

B.S., M.B.A., University of Central Oklahoma;D.B.A., Argosy University

Owens, Cassandra(2008) Instructor of Religion;

B.S., Clark-Atlanta University;
M. Div., Interdenominational Theological Center;
Further study: Interdenominational Theological Center
Perry, Barbara(2010) Assistant Professor of Speech;

B.S., University of Mary;
M.A., Ph.D., University of North Dakota
Peters, Pamela(2011) Instructor of Mass Communication;

B.A., M.A., Pittsburg State University

Pogge, James(2010) Assistant Professor of Mathematics;

B.S., The University of Iowa;
M.S., NorthernIllinois University;
Ph.D., The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ramaway,Sandra(2011) Assistant Professor;

B.M., Boston Conservatory of Music;
M.M., D.M.A., University of Texas at Austin
Rivas, Paul(2014)Assistant Professor of History;
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rookstool, William(2012) Assistant Professor of Sociology;

B.A., Concord University;
M.A., Marshall University;
ABD, Walden University
Sampson, Kenneth(1967) Associate Professor of Music;

B.S., Southern University;
M. Mus. Ed. Vander Cook College of Music
Shabayek, Abdel Khalik(2007) Professor of Business;

B.S., Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt;
M.S., Cleveland State University;
M.B.A., University of Hartford;
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University
Sides, Cheri(2012) Instructor of Economics;

B.S., Southeast Missouri State University;
M.S., Texas A & M University - Commerce
Sklensky, Diana(2010) Assistant Professor of Biology;

B.A., University of California at Berkeley;
Ph.D., Cornell University
Sloan, Jo(2012)Assistant Professor of Physical Education;
B.S. Lincoln Memorial University, M.Ed. Union College;
M.S. United States Sports Academy;
Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi
Smith, Cozbia(2015) Assistant Professor of Music/ Band Director.

B.A. Tennessee State University;
M.Ed. Tennessee State University
Theus, Linda(2010) Assistant Professor of Information Technology/Division Chair of Business and Social and Behavioral Sciences;

B.S., Lane College;
M.Ed., Memphis State University. Ed. D., University of Memphis
Thompson, Larry(2005) Assistant Professor of Biology/ Division Chair, Natural and Physical Sciences;

B.S., Livingston University;
M.S., Ph.D., The University of Alabama
Tillman, Gregory(2015). Assistant Professor of English;

B.A. Morehouse College;
M.Ed. Southern University & A&M College;
Ph.D. Florida State University.
Todd, Allen(2013) Assistant Professor of Voice/Choir Director;

B.A., Morehouse College;
M.M., Bowling Green State University;
D.M.A., University of Memphis
Torrey, Montana(2010) Assistant Professor of Art;

B.F.A., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago;
M.F.A., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D., Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Ude, Mba(2008) Assistant Professor of Chemistry;

B.S., M.S., University of Nigeria–Nsukka;
M.S., London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom;
Ph.D., University of London, London, United Kingdom
Van Stry, Melanie(2011) Assistant Professor of Biology;

B.S., Boston College;
M.ED., M.A., Ph.D., Boston University
Vetterlein, David(2011) Assistant Professor of Mathematics;

B.S., M.S., Brigham Young University;
M.A., University of Pittsburgh
Wade, Anne(2010) Assistant Professor of Spanish;

B.A., Vanderbilt University;
M.A., Middlebury College
Watt, Kenneth(2014)Assistant Professor of Physical Education;
B.A. Ashford University;
M.S. Missouri Baptist University
Winston, Rochelle(2014)Instructor of Criminal Justice;
B.A. Lane College;
M.A. University of Alabama
Wolff, Nicholas(2010) Assistant Professor of Physics;

M.S., Ph.D., The University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Wu, Junha(2010) Associate Professor of Mathematics;

M.S., Ph.D., University of Delaware

Yin, Huason(2001) Assistant Professor of Mathematics;

B.S., M.S., Wuhan University, China;
Ph.D., University of Georgia;
Further study: University of Georgia

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