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Spring 2018 New Book List(8)      

Children's and Young Adult Fiction

Kamala: Feminist Folktales From Around the World

In this second volume of folktales, a Punjabi woman outwits seven ruthless thieves, an Incan girl restores harmony to the empire, and a mischievous Norwegian lass thwarts her entitled landowner. Spanning centuries and continents, Kamala recalls how the dazzling courage, cleverness, and power of women have always held our world together.

The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy

The Madhouse Effect portrays the intellectual pretzels into which denialists must twist logic to explain away the clear evidence that human activity has changed Earth's climate. Toles's cartoons collapse counter-scientific strategies into their biased components, helping readers see how to best strike at these fallacies. Mann's expert skills at science communication aim to restore sanity to a debate that continues to rage against widely acknowledged scientific consensus.

Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump

Ever since the release of the first Trump-for-President trial balloon in 1987, Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau has tirelessly tracked and highlighted the unsavory career of the most unqualified candidate to ever aspire to the White House. It's all there--the hilarious narcissism, the schoolyard bullying, the loathsome misogyny, the breathtaking ignorance; and a good portion of the Doonesbury cast has been tangled up in it.

Children's and Young Adult Nonfiction

Let's Learn Japanese Ebook: 64 Basic Japanese Words and Their Uses (Downloadable Audio Included)

A kid friendly introduction to Japanese! Let's Learn Japanese is an introductory Japanese language learning tool especially designed to help children from preschool through early elementary level acquire basic words, kanji characters, phrases, and sentences in Japanese in a fun and easy way. The flashcards can be used as a learning tool in a classroom setting, at home, or anywhere that learning takes place, and can easily be taped around the room for an interactive way to learn Japanese.

Outstanding Women in Public Administration: Leaders, Mentors, and Pioneers: Leaders, Mentors, and Pioneers

This first-of-its-kind project documents the contributions of women in public administration. It contains eight research-based case studies on women who have contributed to the field - academics, government managers, and activists. The women profiled are not from a random sample - they were selected based on their contributions to the theory and practice of public service. Each chapter relates the life and work of each subject to the broad issues faced by today's public servants. The result is a book that is both instructive and inspirational, and that should be read by every aspiring public service practitioner.

The Young Adult's Guide to Public Speaking: Tips, Tricks & Expert Advice for Delivering a Great Speech Without Being Nervous

Perfectly delivering speeches takes time, practice, and knowledge. This guide is teeming with resources, whether you want to get over stage fright or need an edge in running for student. You will discover how to overcome stage fright by being prepared, rehearsed, and ready for a number of unforeseen circumstances. You will learn how to write a memorable speech and how to impact and persuade your audience. You'll learn how to gauge your audience's reaction and tailor the remainder of your presentation to have maximum appeal to them.

Arts and Architecture

Thomas Hirschhorn: A New Political Understanding of Art?

Thomas Hirschhorn, a leading installation artist whose work is owned and exhibited by modern art museums throughout Europe and the US, is known for compelling, often site-specific and interactive environments tackling issues of critical theory, global politics, and consumerism. His work combines found images and texts, bound up in handcrafted constructions of cardboard, foil, and packing tape, the artworks reflect the intellectual scavenging and sensory overload that characterize our own attempts to grapple with the excess of information in daily life. This book sheds light on the complicated yet constitutive relations between Hirschhorn's work and theory.

50 Years of Rolling Stone: The Music, Politics and People That Shaped Our Culture

For the past fifty years, Rolling Stone has been a leading voice in journalism, cultural criticism, and—above all—music. This landmark book documents the magazine's rise to prominence as the voice of rock and roll and a leading showcase for era-defining photography. From the 1960s to the present day, the book offers a decade-by-decade exploration of American music and history..

The Art of Football: The Early Game in the Golden Age of Illustration

The Art of Football looks at early college football art and illustrations. This collection contains more than two hundred images along with historical context for the images and the early days of football.

Biographies and Memoirs

The Life and Times of T. H. Gallaudet

T.H. Gallaudet is celebrated as the founder of deaf education in America. Sayers traces Gallaudet's work in deaf education, free common schools, literacy, teacher education and certification, and children's books, while also examining his role in reactionary causes intended to uphold a white, Protestant nation. Gallaudet's social and political entanglements included Connecticut's conservative, state-established Congregational Church, the Federalist Party, and Yale's Counter-Enlightenment ideals. He later embraced anti-immigrant, anti-abolition, and anti-Catholic efforts, and supported the expatriation of free African-Americans to settlements on Africa's west coast.

Solitary: Alone We Are Nothing

This first English translation takes the reader inside the mind of a young woman isolated from all she knew. Looks at the psychological and other effects of solitary confinement. A true story of how a seventeen-year-old paid harshly for her progressive beliefs. A valuable addition to the literature of political repression.

Alabama Women: Their Lives and Times

This book celebrates women's histories in Alabama by highlighting women's lives and contributions and enriching our understanding of the past and present. Exploring subjects like politics, arts, and civic organizations, this collection of 18 essays provides a window into the social, cultural, and geographic milieu of women's lives in Alabama. Featured individuals: Augusta Evans Wilson, Maria Fearing, Julia S. Tutwiler, Margaret Murray Washington, Pattie Ruffner Jacobs, Ida E. Brandon Mathis, Ruby Pickens Tartt, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Sara Martin Mayfield, Bess Bolden Walcott, Virginia Foster Durr, Rosa Parks, Lurleen Burns Wallace, Margaret Charles Smith, and Harper Lee.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools: A Guide for Teachers and Practitioners

A complete review of the literature on mindfulness and yoga interventions is provided along with details on implementing such programs and the 12 core principles of mindfulness and yoga in schools. Training requirements, room set-up, trauma-sensitive practices, and existing quality programs are reviewed. As a whole, the book provides tools for enhancing classroom and school practices as well as personal well-being. It is distinguished by its emphasis on research, translation of research into practice, and insight into potential roadblocks when using mindfulness and yoga in schools.

Ghostbodies: Towards a New Theory of Invalidism

How is illness represented in today's cultural texts? Author Maia Dolphin-Krute argues that the illusive sick body is often made invisible—a ghost—because it does not always fit society's definition of disability. She reflectively engages in a philosophical discussion of the lived experience of illness alongside an examination of how language and cultural constructions influence and represent this experience in a variety of forms. The book provides a linguistic mirror through which the reader may see his or her own specific invalidity reflected, enabling an examination of what it is like to live within a ghostbody. Dolphin-Krute asks if illness is not what it seems, what then is health?

Zombie Cinema

The living dead have been lurking in pop culture since the 1930s, but they have never been as ubiquitous or as widely-embraced as they are today. Presenting a historical overview of zombie appearances in cinema and on TV, Ian Olney also considers why, more than any other horror movie monster, zombies have captured the imagination of 21st-century audiences. Surveying the landmarks of zombie film/TV, from White Zombie to The Walking Dead, the book also offers unique insight into why zombies have gone global, spreading beyond the borders of US and European cinema to films from countries as far-flung as Cuba, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Nigeria.

Business and Economics

3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams

Many organizations believe that high-functioning teams hold the key to breakthrough thinking, superior customer service, and high-quality products. But, all too often, leaders and managers fail to support teams so that they can deliver on their promises. The authors draw on their research, best-in-class studies, and extensive consulting to show leaders how to properly diagnose the state of their teams, hone in on the element that needs attention, and seamlessly shift focus among the 3 components of teamwork as time goes on. Delivering practical guidance rooted in scholarship, 3D Team Leadership is a thoughtful and straightforward guide for the complex challenge of teaming today.

Analysing Corruption

This textbook introduces students to the field of corruption analysis and the challenges facing its researchers. The book discusses: what corruption is; the key drivers of corrupt practice; how rational choice arguments, behavioral approaches and context-driven analysis are used to understand the causes of corruption; and what works in the fight against corruption. The role of third sector organizations, the so-called "anti-corruption industry" and the work of citizen activists and "armchair auditors" is also explored. The book provides an authoritative and engaging introduction to a subject that remains the largest public policy challenge in many parts of the world.

Applying Critical Evaluation: Making an Impact in Small Business

This book draws from existing thought leadership and real-life examples to provide ready-to-use recommendations HR professionals can incorporate in nearly every aspect of the job — from selecting an HRIS and identifying training programs to developing an onboarding process and proposing organizational restructuring. Written especially for HR professionals in small businesses and HR departments of one, this book highlights best practices for interpreting and promoting findings to better inform business decisions.

Computer Science

Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS®

This book addresses tasks that nearly every data analyst needs to do - that is, make sure that data errors are located and corrected. Written in an informal, tutorial style, this book develops and demonstrates data cleaning programs and macros to make data cleaning easier, faster, and more efficient. With this book, you will learn how to: find and correct errors in character and numeric values, develop programming techniques related to dates and missing values, deal with highly skewed data, develop techniques for correcting your data errors, use integrity constraints, and audit trails to prevent errors from being added to a clean data set

Communication, Signal Processing & Information Technology

Topics: Communications Theory, Techniques, Protocols, and Standards; Telecommunication Systems, Modulation and Signal Design; Coding Compression and Information Theory; Communication Networks; Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks; Optical Communication; MIMO Systems and Communications; Signal Processing for e-Learning; Digital Signal Processing, Multiresolution Analysis; Wavelets; Smart and Adaptive Antennas; Speech, Image, and Video Signal Processing; Person Authentication; Biometry; Medical Imaging; Remote Sensing Analysis, Image Indexation and compression; Data Fusion and Pattern Recognition; and more

Cyber Security: A Practitioner's Guide

Nearly every day we hear news that customer data has been compromised or new bugs have been discovered, leaving it open to the risk of falling into the wrong hands. Cyber security is more essential today than ever, not just in the workplace but at home too. This book covers the various types of cyber threat and explains what you can do to mitigate these risks and keep your data secure.


Burgoo, Barbecue, and Bourbon: A Kentucky Culinary Trinity

Burgoo, barbecue, and bourbon have long been acknowledged as a trinity of good taste in Kentucky. Known as the gumbo of the Bluegrass, burgoo is a savory stew that includes meats - usually smoked and from at least one 'bird of the air,' and at least one 'beast of the field,' along with as many vegetables as the cook wants to add. Often, you'll find this dish paired with one of the Commonwealth's other favorite exports, bourbon, and the state's distinctive barbecue. The author shares recipes and lore surrounding these storied culinary traditions dating from the American frontier to the present day, introduces new and forgotten versions and recipes of favorite regional dishes, and highlights classic bourbon drinks.

Diet and the Disease of Civilization

Cultural critic Adrienne Rose Bitar believes diet books don't just tell readers what to eat: they offer complete philosophies about who Americans are and how we should live. This book asks the question what if it's not calories - but concepts - that should be counted? Bitar reveals how four popular diets retell the "Fall of Man" by depicting civilization itself as a disease and offering diet as the one true cure. This book unearths the ways in which diet books are actually utopian manifestos not just for better bodies, but also for a healthier society and a more perfect world.

The President's Kitchen Cabinet: The Story of the African Americans Who Have Fed Our First Families, From the Washingtons to the Obamas

Adrian Miller tells the stories of the African Americans who worked in the presidential food service by bringing together the names and words of more than 150 black men and women who played remarkable roles in the nation's history. A treasury on cooking techniques and equipment, the book includes twenty celebrated recipes from black chefs and information about: African Americans' contributions to our shared American foodways, the slave labor and the gradual opening of employment after Emancipation, and African American's role in the professionalization of food-related work.

Crafts & Collectables

Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

Effective layout is essential to communication and enables the end user to be drawn in with an innovative design and digest information easily. This book is a comprehensive layout design workshop that assumes that in order to effectively break the rules of grid-based design, one must first understand those rules and see them applied to real-world projects. The text explores top designers' work process and rationale, ways to explore and compare similar projects, and historical overviews that summarize the development of layout concepts, both grid-based and non-grid based, in modern design practice.

Don't Get a Job... Make a Job: How to Make It As a Creative Graduate

The current economic climate has seen many graduates of design and architecture chasing a finite number of positions. The most ingenious and driven designers have found weird and wonderful ways of making opportunities for themselves, often by applying their skills across the creative disciplines of art, design, architecture, and interiors. This book celebrates the various strategies that students and graduates are taking to gain exposure and includes interviews and inspirational advice people who have found success through their creative approach to employment.

The Typography Idea Book: Inspiration From 50 Masters

Playing with typographic puzzle pieces is one of the joys of graphic design and typographers have many entertaining, esoteric, and eccentric options at their disposal. This book presents 50 of the most inspiring approaches used by masters of the field from across the world. Geared towards helping you evolve different typographic styles, the book contains none of the technical jargon or tired old rules but is packed with practical techniques and iconic examples. From type transformation to abstraction, via overlapping, hand-lettering, vectorizing, novelty typefaces, and puns, discover all the brilliant ideas you could be bringing to your own designs.


Behavioral Classification System for Problem Behaviors in Schools: A Diagnostic Manual

This diagnostic manual provides a uniform and unique function-based classification system for categorizing problem behaviors in schools. The Cipani Behavioral Classification System (BCS) contained in this manual provides an invaluable alternative to the eccentric descriptions of problem behavior functions currently employed in FBA reports. Instead, it provides the reader with a standardized classification system for selecting the hypothesized function of problem behaviors. For each of 13 distinct functions in the Cipani BCS, there is a general description, explanation, and illustrative example of the category.

Being Black, Being Male on Campus: Understanding and Confronting Black Male Collegiate Experiences

This work radically shifts from a focus on challenges Black male students face and the deficit rhetoric surrounding them, and instead, offers reflective counter-narratives of success. This book uses interviews to explore the experiences of Black male students at historically White institutions. Framed through Critical Race Theory and Blackmaleness, the study provides new analysis on the utility and importance of Black Male Initiatives and explores Black men's perceptions, identity constructions, and ambitions, and speaks to how race and gender intersect as they influence students' experiences.

Caring for Young Children with Special Needs

This easy-to-use guide gives you a quick overview on many topics related to working with young children with special needs. Learn about inclusion in early childhood programs and disability law, as well as typical vs. atypical development. The quick guide also covers several specific disabilities/special needs and provides definitions, common characteristics, and practical strategies for adaptation. Cindy Croft is the director of the Center for Inclusive Child Care at Concordia University and on faculty for several university education programs. She has her MA in Education and has worked in the field of early childhood for over twenty years.

Engineering & Technology

Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology

Aerospace science and technology have made remarkable progress in the last century. Although a few publications have been written on this topic, most are inadequate in elucidating the various advanced technologies developed in recent years. For this reason, publishing a book in which prominent researchers elaborate and discuss their research efforts in conjunction with other efforts seems logical. In this book, the most accurate and current materials were gathered, reviewed, and presented by an exceptional group of experts. This book presents state-of-the-art, current developments and applications in aerospace.

Building America's Skilled Technical Workforce

Skilled technical jobs - which require a high level of knowledge in a technical domain but not a bachelor's degree - are critical to the U.S. economy. American firms demand workers with greater proficiency in literacy and numeracy, as well as strong interpersonal, technical, and problem-solving skills though there are concerns that the U.S. may not have enough skilled technical workers for global competitiveness and economic growth objectives. This book examines the coverage, effectiveness, flexibility, and coordination of the policies and programs preparing Americans for skilled technical jobs.

Development of Science and Technology of Food Resources

This monograph discusses systematic knowledge related to the science and technology of sustainable food resources. The book is written principally based on the author's own research results that have been published in scientific journals and academically specialized books. The knowledge introduced in the book should be very useful for farmers, food resources' production enterprises, governmental administrators who are involved in making food policies, or scientists who are interested in developing sustainable food resources and their production systems. This monograph could also be used as a textbook for students intending to work with sustainable food resources.


Black Jesus and Other Superheroes: Stories

This book chronicles ordinary people achieving vivid extrasensory perception while under extreme pain. The stories tumble into a universe of the jaded and the hopeful, in which men and women burdened with unwieldy and undesirable superhuman abilities are nonetheless resilient in subtle and startling ways. The characters hurl themselves toward the inevitable fates they might rather wish away. Their stories play with magic without the sparkle, glaring at the internal machinations of the human spirit. Fragile symbols for things such as race, sexuality, and love are lifted, decorated, and exposed to scrutiny and awe like so many ruins of our imagination.

Disappearing off the Face of the Earth

Hideaway Self Storage is in decline. But manager Ken and his assistant Bruce carry on even as the facility falls apart around them. Lately, tenants have disappeared, leaving behind units full of valuable items. Ken has no idea where the rent defaulters have gone, but he thinks he might be able to profit on their abandoned 'things' to help save his business. But the disappearances are accompanied by strange occurrences like Bruce's inexplicable late-night excursions, Ken's intensifying aversion to fluorescent lights, and Ken's girlfriend's intensifying aversion to Ken. Down the road, construction of a rival storage facility hints at a mysterious past and a precarious future.

Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

Octavia Butler's most celebrated, critically acclaimed work tells the story of Dana, a young black woman who is suddenly transported from her home in 1970s California to the pre–Civil War South. As she time-travels between worlds, one in which she is a free woman and one where she is part of her own complicated familial history on a southern plantation, she becomes frighteningly entangled in the lives of Rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder and one of Dana's own ancestors, and his many slaves. An essential work in feminist, science-fiction, and fantasy genres and a cornerstone of the Afrofuturism movement, Kindred offers an unflinching look at our complicated social history.

Health & Medicine

Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2

A surgeon damages the intestines of a nurse in outpatient surgery, causing more tragic, avoidable errors. The nurse then spends weeks on a ventilator in a drug-induced coma, has 4 more surgeries, and needs a pump to drain raging infection. As she awakens and tries to cope with what happened, she realizes the hospital will never tell the whole truth. She shares her story so others may learn how infections, adverse events, and medical errors occur frequently in hospitals, sometimes resulting in death. The author strives to teach healthcare professionals how to prevent dangerous situations, recognize warnings, and work collaboratively to provide transparent patient care.

Anatomy of the Organs: QuickStudy Reference Guide

Includes meticulously detailed, concisely detailed, and beautifully illustrated structures of the human body including: Organs, Anterior Respiratory & Urinary, Urogenital Systems, Respiratory Tracts, Right Kidney, Left Adrenal Gland, Anterior Digestive, Hepatic Portal Veins, Stomach, Intestines, Anterior Circulatory System, Thoracic, Neck & Head Veins/Arteries, Nerves, Spinal Chord, Lymphatic System, Deep Abdominal & Inguinal Nodes, Dorsal Spleen, Stomach & Pancreas, Lymphatics, and the Heart & Lungs.

Cannabis, Medical Aspects

Cannabis has a long history of medicinal use, but with the discovery of modern medical drugs, cannabis use decreased and has been considered a recreational and often illegal drug. Yet, in the past several years, claims on the potential for cannabis to treat, cure and prevent a number of conditions have increased and led some to query as to whether these claims are overstated. The ability to consume and vaporize marijuana has made it less of a health concern. The evidence on medical cannabis' risks and benefits is lacking in both quality and quantity. In this book, we look at the many aspects involved with the medical use of cannabis.


Drawing the Lines: Constraints on Partisan Gerrymandering in U.S. Politics

Radical redistricting plans are frequently used for partisan purposes such as Texas Governor Rick Perry's plan which sent 21 Republicans and only 11 Democrats to Congress in 2004. Such heavy-handed tactics strike many as contrary to basic democratic principles. In this book, the author uses a combination of political science methods and legal studies insights to investigate the effects of redistricting on U.S. House elections, the practical effects of partisan redistricting plans, and the importance of partisanship.

Engineering the Future, Understanding the Past: A Social History of Technology

Technology today is often presented as our best hope of solving the world's social and sustainability problems. And that's nothing new: engineers have always sought to meet the big challenges of their times-even as those challenges have shaped their technology. This book offers a historical look at those interactions between engineering and social challenges, showing how engineers developed solutions to past problems, and looking at the ways that those solutions often bring with them unintended consequences that themselves require solving.

After Katrina: Race, Neoliberalism, and the End of the American Century

After Katrina argues that New Orleans emerges as a key site for exploring competing narratives of US decline and renewal post Katrina. Anna Hartnell suggests that NOLA has been reimagined as a laboratory for a racialized neoliberalism, and as such might be seen as a terminus of the American dream. This US disaster zone has unveiled a network of social crises, environmental degradation, and coastal erosion emerge as major threats not just to the social mobility and quality of life in coastal communities across America and the world. The book also investigates NOLA culture and influence post-disaster.

Home & Garden

Grapes: Polyphenolic Composition, Antioxidant Characteristics and Health Benefits

The grape is one of the most important horticultural crops in the world with an annual production greater than 77 million tons in the year 2013. The majority of harvested fruit is processed into wine, but it is also consumed fresh, processed into raisins, juices, jams, etc. Grapes, wines and derived products contain large amounts of phytochemicals especially phenolic compounds which offer health benefits. This book discusses antioxidant activities and health benefits of grapes in further detail.

Kentucky Heirloom Seeds: Growing, Eating, Saving

Saving seeds to plant for next year's crop has been key to survival around the globe for millennia. However, the 20th century witnessed a grand takeover of seed producers by multinational companies aiming to select varieties ideal for mechanical harvest, long-distance transportation, and long shelf life. With the recent rise of the Slow Food and farm-to-table movements, the farmers and home gardeners who have been quietly persisting in the age-old habit of conserving heirloom plants are finally receiving credit for their vital role in preserving both good taste and the world's rich food heritage. This book explores the seed saver's art and the sustainable agriculture.

My City Highrise Garden

Gardening on rooftops, balconies, and terraces is a popular trend. After 35 years of experience, the author writes with honesty and humor about her oasis 20 floors above a Manhattan street. She reports the catastrophes: losing daytime access during building-wide renovations; assaults from a mockingbird. And the joys: a peach tree fruited for 15 years; the windswept birches lasted for 25. Butterflies and bees pay annual visits. She pampers a buddleia, a honeysuckle, roses, hydrangeas, and more. Her adventures celebrate the tenacity of nature, inviting readers to marvel at her garden's resilience, and her own.


Duck and Cover: A Nuclear Family

Kathie Farnell details her childhood as a snarky, unreasonably optimistic white girl growing up in the Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama in the 1950s-60s when the city's social order was slowly changing. The bus boycott was over, shopping centers displayed the fallout shelters, and integration was on the horizon. Farnell recounts her oddball family and tales of aluminum Christmas trees, the Hula-Hoop craze, road trips in their un-air-conditioned car, show-and-tell involving a human skeleton, and even a pet chicken she didn't know she had. She reveals quirky and compelling characters in stories that don't ignore the dark side of the segregated South.

Still Life with Teapot: On Zen, Writing and Creativity

The good thing about being my age is that if you haven't grown up already, you don't have to. What do you do when you start talking to yourself on the bus? If you're the writer Brigid Lowry, you change tack and write a book about what it means to be an ageing woman in the 21st century. Lowry offers advice, observations, hope and reality checks in equal measure. She drops us straight into the writer's world into the nuts and bolts of writing practice and into the art of life and ways to write about it. Still Life with Teapot is an essential brew for people who love to make lists, for people who love to write and for people who love to read about writing.

Funnybooks: The Improbable Glories of the Best American Comic Books

This book details the story of Dell Comics - the most popular comics label in the 1940s-50s. For a time, 'Dell Comics Are Good Comics' was a statement of fact more than a slogan. Many stories written and drawn by people like Carl Barks (Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge), John Stanley (Little Lulu), and Walt Kelly (Pogo) are read and reread by educated adults even today, even though they were written for children and widely dismissed as trash by angry parents, indignant librarians, and even many people who published them. The author explains what made the best stories in the Dell comic books so special.


Adcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing

By some estimates, the average American is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements each day. Whether we realize it or not,'adcreep'—modern marketing's march for advertising to be expected anywhere and anytime—has come and transformed our purchasing decisions, relationships, sense of self, and the way we navigate public and private spaces. Adcreep journeys through the world of modern advertising exposing an array of science fiction-like marketing techniques currently used - like neuromarketing, biometric scans, automated online spies, and facial recognition - to study and stimulate consumer desire and the far-reaching consequences of their use.

Ballot Blocked: The Political Erosion of the Voting Rights Act

Voting rights are a perennial topic in US politics. Recent elections and the Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down key enforcement provisions in the Voting Rights Act (VRA), have placed further emphasis on the debate over voter disenfranchisement. For five decades, Congress has consistently voted to expand vulnerable voters' protections, and yet, the administration and judicial interpretation of the VRA has become more fragmented and less generous. This book discusses why Republicans consistently adopt decisions that undermine legislation they repeatedly endorse and what the role racial equality and minority voting rights plays.

Public Domain, The: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More

Need content? Even though you've been told otherwise, writers and artists can often legally copy other's work. Enter the public domain, where everything is free for the taking, and the only secret is knowing how to recognize and find free content. This book details: how to find public domain materials, how to handle challenges to public domain claims, public domain 'gray areas' copyright protections and expirations, use of public domain for commercial purposes, web content in the public domain, how to research copyright office records, and how to get permission to use work not in the public domain.

Literature & Criticism

The Alternative Sherlock Holmes: Pastiches, Parodies and Copies

Over 20 thousand publications pertaining to Sherlock Holmes are known to have been published, most of them historical and critical studies. However, almost since the first stories appeared, other authors began writing pastiches, parodies, burlesques, and other stories that attempted to copy or rival the great detective himself. Many hundreds of non-canonical Holmes works are have been published, and they provide both historical and entertainment value even now. This book provides a new and valuable approach to the Holmes literature and makes many forgotten works available again.

Black for a Day: White Fantasies of Race and Empathy

Contemporary history is littered with complex stories of white people passing as black, and author Alisha Gaines details 'empathetic racial impersonation'--white liberals walking in black skin under the alibi of cross-racial empathy. Gaines argues that these debatably well-meaning impersonators gained little more than false consciousness from their experiments. Complicating the histories of black-to-white passing and blackface minstrelsy, Gaines uses an interdisciplinary approach to reveal these experiments and show the faulty logic that places faith in the idea that empathy is all white Americans need to make a significant difference in racially navigating society.

Cults and Conspiracies: A Literary History

Human beings have believed in conspiracies since the beginning. Whereas recent generations have tended to find their conspiracies in politics and government, the past often sought its mysteries in religious cults or associations. Fascination with the arcane is a driving force in this comprehensive survey of conspiracy fiction. This book traces the evolution of cults, orders, lodges, secret societies, and conspiracies through various literary manifestations—drama, romance, epic, novel, opera, and thrillers.


Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of the Mathematical Universe

Even small children know there are infinitely many whole numbers - start counting and you'll never reach the end. But there are also infinitely many decimal numbers between zero and one. Are these two types of infinity the same? Are they larger or smaller than each other? Can we even talk about 'larger' and 'smaller' when we talk about infinity? Here, the author reveals the inner workings of infinity. Wielding an armory of inventive, intuitive metaphor, the author draws beginners and enthusiasts alike into the heart of this mysterious, powerful concept to reveal fundamental truths about math, all the way from the infinitely large down to the infinitely small.

Improving Collection of Indicators of Criminal Justice System Involvement in Population Health Data Programs: Proceedings of a Workshop

1 in 31 U.S. adults are involved with the criminal justice system, many having recurring encounters. It is challenging to measure the effects of criminal justice involvement and incarceration on health disparities due to: limited/inconsistent measures on criminal justice involvement, lack of health record data on incarceration, and factors like socioeconomic and childhood disadvantage. This publication recaps the presentations and discussions from a workshop on criminal justice involvement and the socioeconomic determinants of health.

Math for Real Life: Teaching Practical Uses for Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry

"Where are we ever going to use this?" Every high school math student has asked this question. Often teachers aren't sure how to respond. One answer is that high school math learned will be essential to learning college level math. A more satisfactory answer calls for an awareness of how math is applied in many specific areas. Written primarily for teachers, this book presents hundreds of practical applications for mathematics—from baseball statistics to the theory of relativity—that can be understood by anyone with knowledge of high school algebra, geometry and trigonometry.


For Humanism: Explorations in Theory and Politics

Today, anti-humanism is a dominant, even definitive, feature of contemporary theory. Setting out to challenge this tendency, editors David Alderson and Kevin Anderson argue that the political moment demands a reappraisal of the humanist tradition. Humanism is diverse, complex, and may facilitate the renewal of progressive theory through the championing of human subjectivity, agency and freedom. Across four essays, the authors engage critically with the Marxist tradition, recent developments in poststructuralism, postcolonialism and queer theory. This books offers a coherent and compelling argument for the rehabilitation of a much maligned tradition.

Just War and Human Rights: Fighting with Right Intention

Serious questions have arisen about drones, target selection, civilian harm, humanitarian intervention, and war as a means of forcing regime change. The author- a 20 year US Army veteran- argues that the laws of war and just war theory need updating and claims that war is impermissible if not engaged, fought, and resolved with right intention. A state must: have a just cause, limit its war-making to uphold the just cause, and bring about a just and lasting peace driven by the right intention and predicated on protecting human rights. Human rights should dictate how a state treats both its own and foreign people, insulating them and protecting innocents from harm.

Morals and Consent: Contractarian Solutions to Ethical Woes

How should we behave? How do we defend that answer? This book grounds our notion of morality in natural evolution as author Malcolm Murray shows why contractarianism is a far more viable than is widely believed. Murray defends contractarianism by arguing that we will not find morality as an objective fact. Instead, we can understand morality as a reciprocal cooperative trait. Murray also discusses the application of contractarianism in issues like death (abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment), sex (pornography, prostitution, and assault), beneficence (toward people, animals, and the environment), and liberty (genetic enhancement, organ sales, and torture).

Political Science

Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation: Theory and Practice

This book details the concepts, designs, methods, and tools needed to conduct effective advocacy and policy change evaluations. By integrating insights from different disciplines, Part I provides a conceptual foundation for navigating advocacy tactics within today's turbulent policy landscape. Part II offers recommendations for developing appropriate evaluation designs and working with unique advocacy and policy change–oriented instruments. Part III turns toward opportunities and challenges in this growing field.

Dismembered: Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights

While the number of federally recognized Native nations is increasing, tribal nations' populations are declining. This depopulation is due to Native governments banishing, denying, or disenrolling Native citizens at an unprecedented rate. Since the 1990s, tribal belonging has become more of a privilege than sacred right. Political and legal dismemberment has become a national phenomenon with nearly 80 Native nations terminating their citizens' rights. The authors review tribal constitutions and talk with disenrolled members and tribal officials to show the damage this practice has and ways to address it.

Drifting Towards Another Civil War in America

The values, aspirations and social concerns of the American people are diametrically opposed to the hidden agenda of the neo-conservatives. The history of the Skull and Bones society, their Nazi ties, eugenics, wars, the wealthy corporate elite families and their social impact is largely concealed, but it helps explain the erosion of our basic institutions today. They have brought us retail and wholesale violence, compromised media, and atavism regarding torture and murder.


The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Cope with Difficult Emotions, Embrace Self-Acceptance, and Prevent Relapse

If you have anorexia, there is hope for a full recovery. This workbook offers an integrated and comprehensive program to help you rebuild a healthy relationship with food, gain a sense of autonomy and independence, develop self-worth and self-esteem, and set healthy goals for the future. If you have anorexia, it can be difficult to see yourself clearly, even after treatment. The powerful, proven tools in this comprehensive resource are designed to help anyone who struggles with anorexia stay healthy in body and mind.

Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts

You are not your thoughts! In this powerful book, two anxiety experts offer proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills to help you get unstuck from disturbing thoughts, overcome the shame they can bring, and reduce anxiety. If you are plagued by thoughts you don't want—thoughts that scare you, or thoughts you can't tell anyone about—this book may change your life. You'll learn about different kinds of disturbing thoughts, myths that surround them, how your brain can get "stuck" in an unwanted cycle, and how to cope with and move beyond your thoughts, so you can live the life you want.

Critical Flicker Fusion: Psychoanalysis at the Movies

The premise of this book is that films, like other works of the imagination, can be psychoanalyzed resulting in a deeper and richer appreciation of the film's meaning. The book explores a number of feature films that lend themselves particularly well to this process. Both in his introduction and throughout the text, the author comments on the method and discusses continuities, similarities and differences among the films. The book is structured according to the central themes of the films, including time and death, love and lust, secrets, and human identity. The introductory essay explores these themes, their representation in the films, and how psychoanalysis can be used to critique them.


Business Writing for Managers

Communication skills are important for everyone, but especially for managers. Author Ken O'Quinn provides managers with guidance for organizing thinking, creating a first draft, and fine-tuning the words to make them as clear as possible. This book has specific tips to help write lively prose that draws readers in rather than stuffy language that keeps them at a distance. O'Quinn's advice can help craft all kinds of messages, from short emails to lengthy proposals. This issue includes: before and after writing samples, a process for effective editing, suggestions for formatting, advice for sharing difficult information, and tips for distinguishing yourself as a communicator.

Stereotypes and Violence

Stereotypes are dangerous, especially when used by demagogues. Slogans, which harken back to "darker times" in human history, however, are rapidly reappearing. So, it is important to focus on and closer analyze the interrelationship between stereotypes and violence in modern societies. This book attempts to achieve such an analysis and to provide reading in the fields of history, political science, gender and media studies. Topics covered: how stereotypes and violence interact with each other and influence popular opinion, the Anti-Italian riots in Zurich, the interrelationship of racism in violence in Germany, and an analysis of gender based violence in Serbia.

Writing Diverse Characters for Fiction, TV or Film

We're living in a time of unprecedented diversity in produced media content, with more characters that are LGBT, of color, disabled, and/or from various religions or classes featured in mainstream-accessible pieces. This book discusses issues of race, disability, sexuality, and gender identity with specific reference to characterization in movies, TV, and novel writing. The book explores: how character role function really works; the difference between stereotype and archetype, misconceptions about "tropes"; how casting affects both box office and audience perception; and why diversity is not about agendas, buzzwords or being 'politically correct'; and more.


Daniel Rudd: Calling a Church to Justice

This book offers a compelling look at the life and work of Daniel Rudd – a Catholic journalist and activist who found inspiration in Catholicism to fight for the principles of liberty and justice during the Jim Crow era. Born into slavery, Rudd achieved early success as the publisher of the American Catholic Tribune, one of the most successful black newspapers, and as the founder of the National Black Catholic Congress. Rudd both urged his fellow black Catholics to remain with the church and called on that same church to live up to the cardinal teaching, 'the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man.' In honor of Rudd, the National Black Catholic Congress' still pursues social justice.

Reason and Wonder: Why Science and Faith Need Each Other

Often science and religion are seen as completely separate entities. Science exists in the realm of fact, whereas religion exists in the realm of faith. Conversations about genes, psychology, or even the meaning of life occur in silos. But as this book shows, these conversations are so much richer when both science and faith are incorporated. The editor brings together 12 of the leading thinkers in science and theology to discuss everything from the origins of the universe to evolution and evil. At the heart of each essay is an understanding that the best science—and the best theology— are undergirded by an appeal to reason as well as a deep sense of wonder.

A Brief History of Sunday: From the New Testament to the New Creation

This book tells the story of how and why Christians have worshiped on Sunday from the earliest days of the church to the present. The author discusses: the views and practices relating to Sunday in the ancient church, Constantine and how his policies affected Sunday observances, the long process from the Middle Ages and to Puritanism whereby Christians came to think of and strictly observe Sunday as the Sabbath, and the current state of Sundays worldwide. Readers will rediscover the joy and excitement of Sunday as early Christians celebrated it and will find fresh, inspiring perspectives on Sunday amid our current culture of indifference and even hostility to Christianity.


Astrophysics: New Research

In the last century, astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology have evolved from observational and theoretical pursuits into more experimental science, with many stellar and planetary processes recreated in physics laboratories and extensively studied. This book provides new research in the field of astrophysics on topics like theoretical and experimental nuclear reaction and decay, modern computation tools and methods, the Chelyabinsk meteorite which fell in West Siberia, and information and applications of local entropy equilibrium condition of an ideal gas in a static gravitational field.

Blood Viscosity: Its Role in Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Hematology

The impact of blood viscosity on health and disease has been neglected, even though viscosity is a fundamental property of any fluid. This book discusses how changes in blood flow are related to thrombosis, blood pressure, and overall organ performance. By viewing conditions through the perspective of viscosity, this book provides fresh insight into atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, sepsis, hemolytic anemias, anemia of chronic disease, and aging.

Curious Encounters with the Natural World: From Grumpy Spiders to Hidden Tigers

Michael R. Jeffords and Susan L. Post have explored the globe collecting images of the natural world. This book details their most unusual encounters. From 'necking' battles of mate-hungry giraffes to the breathtaking beauty of millions of monarch butterflies at rest, The authors share 200 photos and their own essays to guide readers on a spectacular journey. Their training offers unique perspectives on natural occurrences. Their photographic eye finds expression in once-in-a-lifetime images. The result is an eyewitness collection of startling and unusual phenomena illuminating the diverse life on our planet.

Self-help & Family

Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

What hidden skill links successful people in all walks of life? What helps them make smart decisions? The answer is surprisingly simple: They know how to ask the right questions at the right time thus allowing them to break down barriers, discover secrets, solve puzzles, and imagine new ways of doing things. This book is meant to teach you to question in a methodical way. By the end of the book, you'll know what to ask and when, what you should listen for, and what you can expect as the outcome.

Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World

Think about a time you tried to talk with someone who didn't already agree with you about issues that matter most. How well did it go? These conversations are vital, but too often get stuck. They become contentious or we avoid them because we fear they might. What if our divergent values provided healthy fuel for dialogue and innovation instead of gridlock and division? This book uses valuable exercises and examples to help us become aware of the role we unwittingly play in getting conversations stuck and empowers us to share what really matters so that together we can create positive change.

You Can Handle It: 10 Steps to Shift Stress From Problem to Possibility

It's a fact. Life is stressful. Good news, bad news, even no news can trigger stress. But, YOU can handle it! And this book is here to show you how! Follow the 10, easy steps inside and learn how to be your best self. Other books may give you quick tips and promise success, but this one tells you why these techniques work on the brain, and gives you step-by-step directions, worksheets, and scripts that will make applying these methods feel effortless. This book offers realistic, simple and highly satisfying how-to's on eliminating bad stress from your life and using the good stress for leverage in all areas of your life.

Social Sciences

Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections

Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections provides a necessary perspective, highlighting the most important trends of the 21st century—trends everyone should be tracking. Demographics of the U.S. explain the increasingly complex, often confusing, and rapidly changing nation we live in today. It makes sense of our recent past and shines a light on our future. The reference is divided into 11 chapters, organized alphabetically: Attitudes, Education, Health, Housing, Income, Labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, Time Use, and Wealth.

Behind the Laughs: Community and Inequality in Comedy

Comedy is a brutal business. When comedians define success, they don't talk about money—they talk about not quitting. They work in a business where even big names work for free, and the inequalities of race, class, and gender create real barriers despite the belief that hard work and talent are what lead to the big time. How do people working in comedy sustain these contradictions and keep laughing? This book reveals the dark corners and share buoyant lifeblood of the world of comedy. The author draws on conversations with comedians, club owners, bookers, and managers, to show the extraordinary social connections professional humor demands.

Opening the Doors: A Prison Chaplain's Life on the Inside

How does a holy God associate with pedophiles, murderers, drug addicts, alcoholics and others rejected by mainstream society? This book is a product of many years working with and in some cases befriending the most despised people in society, prisoners. It addresses questions such as: Why do some people end up in prison? Do they just wake up one morning and think: 'I am going to rob a bank today'? What happens when they get to prison? How do they cope with the violence? Is rehabilitation a realistic expectation? How can victims of crime be helped and supported?

Sports & Games

Before Jackie Robinson: The Transcendent Role of Black Sporting Pioneers

The rise, accomplishments, and influence of Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, and Muhammad Ali are part of a gradual evolution in social and power relations in American culture from the 1890s-1940s. This evolution included athletes such as jockey Isaac Murphy, barnstorming pilot Bessie Coleman, and golfer Teddy Rhodes. This book analyzes the lives of these lesser-known but important athletes within the broader history of black liberation and presents a more nuanced account of early African American athletes' ongoing struggle for acceptance, relevance, and identity.

Research in Sport Psychology

Over the past several years, both coaches and athletes have started to realize that strength, speed, and other athletic skills are not sufficient for the production of championship athletes. Athletic performance has 3 parts: physical preparation, technical skill, and psychological readiness. This model suggests that if any of these areas are neglected, athletic performance will decline. However, psychological preparation is the component that is most often neglected by athletes and coaches alike. Presently, the field of sports psychology and performance enhancement is growing rapidly. This book provides valuable, relevant insight into the field of sport psychology.

Parkour and the City: Risk, Masculinity, and Meaning in a Postmodern Sport

In the increasingly popular sport of parkour, athletes run, jump, climb, flip, and vault through city streetscapes, resembling urban gymnasts to passersby and awestruck spectators. This book examines how Parkour and Parkour athletes: creatively appropriate urban spaces, use the sport as a method of everyday risk-taking, have been influenced by the growth of the internet and social media, and reflect contemporary Western notions of masculinity while rejecting a "daredevil" label in favor of deliberate, reasoned hedging of bets with their own safety.

Study Aids & Language Learning

Dialogue Across Media

With chapters on social media, videogames and human-machine communication, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the role of dialogue in contemporary media. Drawing on the expertise of scholars and practitioners from multiple fields and disciplines, including screenwriters, literary critics, linguists and new media theorists, each chapter provides an in-depth analysis of dialogue in action. Together, these chapters demonstrate the unique energy and versatility that dialogic forms can offer artists and readers alike, and the special role that dialogue plays in helping us to understand the complexities and contradictions of human interaction.

Liberation in Print: Feminist Periodicals and Social Movement Identity

From 1968-1973, more than 500 different feminist newsletters and newspapers were published in the U.S. Agatha Beins shows that the repetition of certain ideas—about gender, race, solidarity, and politics—in these periodicals solidified their centrality to feminism. Beins uses 5 periodicals of that era to examine the discourse of sisterhood, women of color, feminist publishing practices, and the production of feminist spaces. Beins also illustrates how local context affected the manifestation of ideas or political values, revealing the complexity and diversity within feminism.

Expert Internet Searching

In an environment where increasing amounts of information (and fake news) flood the internet on websites and social media, the information professional's job is getting harder. It is important that they are skilled at finding and using the appropriate information and assisting users in working out what information they need and the best way of getting it. This book provides an introduction to the internet and search engines, the Google experience and a discussion of its disadvantages, specialized search engines, news-based search engines including traditional media resources and a discussion of fake news, social media search engine hints, and tips on better searching.


Seattle Walks: Discovering History and Nature in the City

Seattle is often listed as one of the most walkable cities in the United States. With its beautiful scenery, miles of non-motorized trails, and year-round access, Seattle is an ideal place to explore on foot. This book weaves together the history, natural history, and architecture of Seattle to paint a complex, nuanced, and fascinating story. The author shows us Seattle in a new light and gives us an appreciation of how the city has changed over time, how the past has influenced the present, and how nature is all around us - even in our urban landscape.

Campesinos: Inside the Soul of Cuba

Deep inside Cuba are the campesinos—men and women who have always worked the countryside away from cities, towns, and villages. Resilient, resourceful, and proud, campesinos are the heart and soul of Cuba. This book is a collection of loving and intimate photographs by photographers Chip Cooper and Julio Larramendi who document people and places from every corner of the island nation, many never seen by Cubans themselves let alone visitors from abroad. Together, the photographers have captured the light, sounds, and spirit of the campesino landscape and the humble and determined people who inhabit it, ways of living that have not changed for a century or more.

All the Agents and Saints: Dispatches From the U.S. Borderlands

After a decade of exploring the globe, travel writer Stephanie Elizondo Griest went home only to discover that her native South Texas had been radically altered. Ravaged by drug wars and barred by an 18 foot steel wall, her ancestral land became the nation's top crossing ground for undocumented workers, many of whom perished along the way. The author noticed parallels between the lives of the Mowhawks in the Canada Borderlands and life on the southern border. The author weaves stories into a meditation on the impact of international borderlines by revealing the spaces and people in between.

True Crime

Escape from Dannemora: Richard Matt, David Sweat, and the Great Adirondack Manhunt

After months of planning, Ricky Matt and David Sweat cut, chopped, coerced, and connived their way out of a maximum-security prison in the wilderness of upstate New York and managed to elude police for three weeks, sending the region into lockdown and keeping the entire country on edge. The media called it "a bold escape for the ages," and veteran true-crime writer Michael Benson leads us along the story's every wild path to dig out a tale of adventure, psychology, sex, and brutality.

Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, the FBI, and the Road to the Marathon Bombing

Investigative journalist Michele R. McPhee unravels the complex story of the Boston Marathon bombing. She examines the bombers' roots abroad, their struggle to assimilate in and growing hatred of America, and their movements up to and after the bombing. Also explored are circumstances less widely known like the older brother's status as an FBI informant; the tracking down and killing of radical Islamic separatists during the 6 months he spent in Russia; the FBI's mishandling of his immigration; and the disenchantment, rage, and growing radicalization of members of the Tsarnaev family.

Television Antiheroines: Women Behaving Badly in Crime and Prison DramaThe female antiheroine has emerged as a compelling and dynamic TV character type. This book explores the rise of female characters in typically male roles, chiefly in crime and prison dramas. This book has 4 sections: mafia women, drug dealers and aberrant mothers, women in prison, and villainesses. The authors use current shows to: explore the role of race and sexuality; focus on characters that transgress femininity and female identity norms; and examine the ways bad women are portrayed and how they both undermine gender roles and reveal the current challenges by women to social and economic

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