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News Archive (Fall'14-Spring'15)      

Lane College's "New Fitness Center," opened on campus in the Kirkendoll Student Center

Darlette Samuels, Chief of Staff at Lane College, said the center occupies space once used for studying, playing board games or lounging.

Quality fitness centers are increasingly important features that students consider when selecting a college. Lane College Students will enjoy sport-specific recreational training or a boost to overall fitness wellbeing, we have the equipment that will help set Lane College apart from the crowd.

With a mix of industry-leading cardio and strength-training products – including the Hammer Strength brand – Life Fitness has helped Lane College build a fitness center that has turned into a showcase for prospective students.

Currently, the Fitness Center is open only to Lane College Faculty, Staff, and Students.

1882 Challenge

The Lane College Office of Institutional Advancement and the Department of Alumni Affairs are challenging the talented, engaged and committed alumni, students and stakeholders of our beloved Lane College to partner with us in "The 1882 Challenge."

We seek to engage and challenge alumni and stakeholders by asking each of you to make a commitment to provide scholarships to our beloved college students by making a minimum monthly gift of $18.82 for 12 months.

What is our goal?

*Raise at least $1,000,000 over five years.
1,000 alumni/stakeholders contributing $18.82 a month x 12 months = $225, 840 a year

*Raise the alumni/stakeholder donation participation rate every year.

How do we reach it?

*World Wide Web
Let’s take the worldwide web by storm! By promoting the 1882 Challenge via the Lane College website (www.lanecollege.edu) and via the college’s social networks along with our personal social media accounts, we can spread our message of recommitting to our alma mater by pledging $18.82 a month.

State your commitment to the challenge and share your favorite Lane College memory to social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) with the hashtag #1882Challenge

Tag five others who love Lane College (friends, family, alumni, churches, employers, etc.) and challenge them to contribute at least $18.82 a month for 12 months.

If possible, share a group photo of those you challenged with us (to be posted on our website and social media pages).

*Text Messaging
If $18.82 is not within your means, you may always make your $10 donation to Lane College by texting DRAGONS to 50555. (standard messaging and data rates may apply.) We still ask that you challenge at least five others to make that commitment. Send them a text and let them know about the challenge. Be sure to include #1882Challenge

If you prefer, you may make an online donation by simply clicking on the following link: http://www.lanecollege.edu/lanepage2.asp?id=020402044.

* Mail
Donations via mail are always accepted. Please mail checks or money orders to:

Lane College
Office of Institutional Advancement
545 Lane Avenue
Jackson, TN 38301

In the memo section on your check or money order write "#1882Challenge"
You may also set up, through our Office of Business and Finance , a monthly electronic draft.

How are "The 1882 Challenge" funds spent?

All contributions to the "The 1882 Challenge" are placed into the Lane College scholarship account with spending restricted solely for the purpose of providing student aid.

All contributions to Lane College through the "The 1882 Challenge" are fully tax-deductible.

In just one week, let’s see if we can get 50 alumni/ stakeholders to commit which is $11, 292. Join us and meet the #1882Challenge today.

Please place #WeAreLane #1882Challenge on all social media sites.

In the words of President Logan Hampton, "We Love our LCD!"

SIAC Tournament Update

On Sunday afternoon, March 8, 2015, our Dragons fell to Benedict College by a score of 63-61 in the 2015 SIAC Men's Basketball Championship game played in Birmingham, AL. The Dragons took the last shot of the game for the win with less than 4 seconds to play, only to have the ball bounce off the rim. The exciting game was not unlike all of the other games that we saw the Dragons play throughout the regular season.

Congratulations to Head Coach Bryanth Basemore and Assistant Coach Ken Watt and all the 2014-15 Men Basketball players. As runner-up in this tournament and with a 17-12 overall record, we are all proud of the accomplishments that this team achieved this year.

Go Dragons! Thanks for the excitement of this season.

(March 5, Birmingham, AL) Last night in Birmingham, AL, our Dragons defeated the Wildcats from Fort Valley State University 80-70, to advance to Round 2 of the SIAC Basketball Championship tournament. The Dragons will now face Eastern Division #3 seed Claflin Panthers on Thursday with a scheduled tip-off of 3:15 PM. Let's Go Dragons!


With the Men and Women's Basketball regular season coming to an end on Monday Night, one more game in the conference was still on the schedule. Kentucky State University played #1 Stillman College. Kentucky State came out victorious 81-73 over Stillman and vaulted the Lane College Men's Basketball team in a 1st place tie for the Western Division of the SIAC. Stillman College and the Dragons are now tied with a 13-6 conference record headed into the SIAC Championship Tournament next week. With the tie breaker system the Dragons will enter the Championship tournament as a # 2 seed, and will face Fort Valley State on Tuesday Night to start their journey through the tourney. Congrats to Coach Basemore and the Dragons basketball team for a great regular season.

Seven beautiful young ladies will vie for the title of Miss Lane College on Thursday February 26, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in the Graves Auditorium, located in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center

"Lent Message from Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick."
Lent: Choosing What Is Worth More

"Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless …."

Dear CME Family:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!

The late Bishop Joseph Coles impressed me during his episcopal ministry as one who could say a lot with a few words. (I often wondered if his gift was related to the necessity of him to economize as he adjusted after a stroke early in his episcopal ministry. Not having observed his preaching as much beforehand, I did not know.)

I believe it was a conference teaching session (I'm not sure; memory fails me!) when I heard him say, "Discipline is choosing the greater over the lesser. That' what it is: choosing the greater over the lesser."

One day in devotional time, I heard that theme anew when I read Psalm 119, verse 37, in the Revised Standard Version:

Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless;
give me life in your ways.

I don't exactly remember why the verse stopped me that day … but it did. It stopped me and moved me from being "in devotional time" to being "in study time." And I began to look up words in English and in Hebrew. I heard the word "worthless" as two words – "worth less." And I heard Bishop Coles' definition of discipline, and considered the question, "What is worth more?" The result was that "study time" resulted in even greater devotional time … because I wanted to know and choose those things that were worth more.

The word "choose" is important – at least, for a few moments. It was important some days ago when I was challenged to find the right message for a worship service led by the East Texas Region ushers. Of course, I looked at Psalms 84, which includes the words, "I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness." Yet, the psalm starts with words descriptive of the pull, the magnetism, the joy, and, yes, the fullness and the glory of getting into God's house – "How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord …." Amiable is from a Hebrew word that means "lovely, beloved, pleasant."

Then I saw that the words translated "I would rather be" (a doorkeeper …) in verse 10 of Psalm 84 are from the word, babar, which can mean, "choosing, distinguishing, proving, trying, selecting." Thus, the psalmist is saying, out of a culture where the "tent of God's presence" existed among other "tents" in Israel's camp: "I choose to be in God's tent rather that in the tents of wicked folk!" The word "choose" is important; it is highlighted by our conscious actions.

But those of us who have been disciples just a little while know that we don't always choose what is good, or what is better, or what is worth more rather than what is worth less. And so, like the psalmist in Psalms 119:37, we pray for God's help, asking God:

Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless;
give me life in your ways.

In this prayer, a key word is turn (rather than choose). The Hebrew translated "turn" is abar, and it means, "to move beyond," or "to move from here to there," or "to transfer." And so the psalmist is praying (and when we recite the psalm, we can also be praying), "Move me, Lord; move me beyond this to that. Move me beyond what is worth less to that which is worth more":
-- move me from focusing on things that are lesser;
-- move me from focusing on things that have little value;
-- set my sights on greater things,
-- and give me life through your direction.
Lent is an important personal time. For some of us, it is "taking off": "What will you give up?" we ask. But I am wondering if we might also learn to "take on." This becomes my new Lenten question: "What will you … and what will I … take on for Christ?" Yes, it is an important personal time. But when we ask that question together ("What will you … and what will I … take on for Christ?"), Lent also becomes an important communal time – a time when God's community is asking that question together and the community is strengthened by the honest asking. And so it is not just you or I – but all of God's Church … the Church that is God's and is holy and is catholic … uses this time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday to pray that God will turn our eyes from things and thoughts that are worth less to things and thoughts that are worth more, and to act by choosing through discipline those that are greater over those that are lesser.

Elsewhere in these web pages and announcements, The College of Bishops calls the CME Church to "corporate prayer and fasting." It is a call to discipline. As you read the call, think about things that are worth more. The call is about becoming a CME Church that is focused on being available to God as God makes us better disciples. We want those things that are worth more … for all of us. The theme, borrowing from the ipads and iphones world and yet moving beyond it, is, "iFast, iPray, WeGrow."

Those who have followed the past Winter Quarter's series of Sunday School lessons have a head start for this Season – because worshipping, praying, fasting, and living in greater stewardship were our themes for December and January and February. Now, during this Lenten Season, let us join together as a Church in choosing the greater over the lesser, in praying and fasting that God will do what we and the Psalmist ask:

Turn our eyes from watching what is worth less;
give us life in Your ways.

+ Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

Lane Men Sweep Basketball Honors

Seven beautiful young ladies will vie for the title of Miss Lane College on Thursday February 26, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in the Graves Auditorium, located in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center. The Theme for this year’s pageant is “Fulfilling a Legacy of Elegance” The outstanding ladies have been working diligently to prepare for the pageant and, according to the pageant coordinator, they have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Come out and see who will be crowned Miss Lane College 2015.

#1 - Chardonnay Gray, #2 - Jordan Johnson, #3 - Nayriah Johnson, #4 - Sharnise Katherine,
#5 - Nyia Penn, #6 - Breanna Lumpkin, #7 - Lyric Parks.

Lane Men Sweep Basketball Honors

Congratulations are in store to two fine Lane Men!

During the week February 2-6, Lane College swept this week’s Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference men’s basketball weekly honors as announced by the conference.

Joseph Cooper is the men’s basketball Player of the Week. The 6’-11” center is a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo. Cooper averaged a double-double on the week for the Lane Dragons with an average of 13 points and 11 rebounds a game. He led the Dragons in rebounds for two of the three games this week.

We are also proud of the New Newcomer of the Week, Terrance Bridgeman. Brdigeman is a sophomore 6’-3” guard from South Bend, Ind. He averaged 18 points a game on the week. He scored 31 points with two assists and 1 steal in the Dragons win against LeMoyne-Owen.

Coleman Honored as "Pastor of the Year"

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is a global denomination with a membership in excess of one million parishioners, and over seven thousand churches and four thousand ministers world-wide. Each year the denomination convenes a Pastors’ Conference in Atlanta, Georgia sponsored by the Phillips School of Theology, a component of The Interdenominational Theological Center. This conference pulls together church leaders from across the country for a time of study, reflection, and empowerment for ministry.

One of the highlights of the conference is its Honors Night when it recognizes persons for outstanding service. One of the awards presented is the "Pastor of the Year, Outstanding Ministries Across the Connection" Award. This award is given to pastors who have exemplified outstanding ministry and pastoral service to congregations, the community in which they serve, and the Church at-large. This year, our colleague, the Reverend Dr. Daryll H. Coleman, was selected for this prestigious honor.

In addition to his duties at Lane, Rev. Dr. Coleman is the pastor of Mother Liberty CME Church here in Jackson, and a recognized community leader. He has pastored in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California, where he also distinguished himself as an effective pastor and community leader. He holds numerous awards and honors recognizing his leadership and efforts in community empowerment. Pastor Coleman’s greatest goal is to be a servant that empowers others to make real the Kingdom of God.

Lane College Students to Compete in Knowledge Competition

L to R: Keyontae Wallace, Brittany Pryor, Ameera Graves (coach), Selena Hagins, and Barry Saxton

This weekend, Lane College students are off to Montgomery, Alabama to compete in the Honda Campus All Star Challenge (HCASC). Sponsored by American Honda Motor Company, HCASC is an annual quiz competition among students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). For their students' participation in HCASC, schools receive a grant award from Honda. Much like the television game show, Jeopardy, the HCASC tests students' knowledge about a wide variety of topics including Science, Sports, US & World History, Black History, Math, Literature, and Pop Culture.

The Lane team consists of Selena Hagins, Brittany Pryor, Barry Saxton, and Keyontae Wallace.

"I've been participating in the HCASC for the entire school year, and it's helped me to have more confidence in myself," said Pryor. Researching huge amounts of information; holding daily study sessions; and playing practice games is all a part of preparing for the National Qualifying Tournament (NQT) to be held at Alabama State University this Saturday, January 31, 2015.

The demanding training process also calls for the development of quick recall; strong eye-hand-brain coordination; and quick buzzer reflexes.

"I am very proud of our students for taking on this challenge. They have put forth considerable time and energy and had to step far outside of their comfort zone," said Ameera Graves, the college historian and HCASC coach.

If the Lane College team avoids elimination at the NQT, it will compete in the National Championship Tournament (NCT) taking place in Los Angeles, California, spring 2015.

Wallace, a freshman from Detroit, declared, "Before I graduate, I want to see Lane become the HCASC national champion, and I want to help make that happen."

Lane Ladies in Twos!

Twin sisters Marla Pruitte ’95, and Marica Pruitte Coleman, ’95, are on the move!

These Twin Powerhouse motivational speakers and dream architects are experts at helping you discover your intimate truths and define your own I.T. Factor™ by transforming your mindset from limiting belief systems. They are sought after speakers and have been featured at various conferences and workshops. They have also been featured on Fox6, ABC 33/40, NBC13, The Joe Lockett Radio Show, Conversation Café Radio Show, and various online blogs and articles. Their signature women empowerment event, Cupcakes & Conversations: A Ladies Night Out of Empowerment™ is sought after nationally and available to come to your city.

While at Lane College, both were very active serving in the Lane College Concert Choir, Student Government Association, Marching Band Majorettes, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and various other organizations. Upon graduating, they both served in various leadership capacities at the college.

New Dean of Campus

(Jackson, TN-December 11, 2014) Lane College President Logan Hampton today announced the creation of the position of Dean of Students, effective January 1, 2015. Named to the position is William Smith, III, the former Dean of the Campus. Smith will work closely with the Offices of Student Affairs, Campus Life, and Housing. His primary responsibilities will include supervision of the Campus Police/Security and Public Safety Department; serving as the Chief Disciplinary Officer, and leading all student-related judicial affairs proceedings. Smith’s responsibilities will also include protecting students’ rights and keeping the college community abreast of legal issues in higher education.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Smith has been employed at Lane for over a decade and has worked in various positions including Admissions/Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, and Counseling/Chaplaincy. He is the proud father of three daughters, MaKayla Dyann, LaNiya Erielle, and Trinity Grace; and is a 2004 graduate of Lane College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Smith has two graduate degrees…one from Union University in Jackson (Master of Education), and another from the Phillips School of Theology in Atlanta (Master of Divinity). He is currently enrolled at United Theological Seminary of Dayton, Ohio in its Theological Ministry doctoral program.

McWherter Scholars Selected

Left to Right: Stephanie Phillips, Montrell Bond, Jodi Johnson, Shady Elhamamsi,
and Calvin Walker. Not pictured is Marquita Starks.

(Jackson, TN---September 11, 2014) Lane College President Logan Hampton today announced that the College has received official notification that six Lane College students have been selected as Ned McWherter Scholars for the 2014-‘15 academic year.

Stephanie Phillips, Montrell Bond, Jodi Johnson, Shady Elhamamsi, Calvin Walker and Marquita Starks were selected from among several applicants for this coveted award.

Ms. Phillips is the daughter of Stephen and Patricia Phillips, and is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. She is a senior Criminal Justice major with a 3.9 grade point average. Mr. Bond is the son of Corey and Jessica Bond and is a resident of Jackson, Tennessee. He is a freshman majoring in Biology and possesses a 3.2 grade point average. Ms. Johnson is a sophomore majoring in Sociology who possesses a 3.4 grade point average. She is the daughter of Leo Johnson and Terry Black, and is a native of Bells, Tennessee. Mr. Elhamamsi is the son of Aml Bekhit and Ihab Elhamamsi and resides in Jackson, Tennessee. He is a senior Biology major, with a 3.7 grade point average. Mr. Walker is a senior majoring in Sociology who possesses a 3.2 grade point average. He is the son of Calvin and Dortha Pearson and is a native of Martin, Tennessee. Ms. Starks is the daughter of Rena Fields and is a native of Brownsville, Tennessee. She is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a 3.97 grade point average.

When notified of her selection, Ms. Phillips stated (that), “Recognition as a McWherter Scholar is validation of the fact that a strong desire to excel academically, coupled with outstanding personal achievements, yields successful results. It is an honor to have received such a prestigious award, and to have the opportunity of representing Lane College”.

Each student will receive stipends ranging from $2,000 for meeting on a monthly basis to $5,000 for meeting on an almost weekly basis, along with the opportunity to work with former Tennessee State Senator Roy Herron during the course of this school year both in Dresden and in Nashville. They will also receive academic credit for their work while in the program.

The Ned McWherter Scholars Program, established in memory of the late former governor from Dresden, Tennessee, is intended to encourage Tennessee high school graduates to attend college in Tennessee. The monetary award is funded by the State of Tennessee on a yearly basis. Awards are made in equal installments each semester throughout the academic year.

Lane Set to Begin Fall Semester 2014

Lane College today released its schedule of events that will mark the beginning of the 2014 Fall Semester.

Members of the faculty and staff will participate in a two-day Fall College Assembly, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 14, 2014 in the William H. Graves auditorium, located in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center (CMAC). Matters of critical importance involving academics, branding, student affairs, federal regulations, and other vital issues will be discussed in interactive sessions throughout the day. During the Thursday morning session, Lane College President Logan Hampton will present his State of the College address. The theme of the Fall Assembly is Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Over a period of five days, beginning on Saturday, August 16, the college will welcome freshmen to campus and present them with an array of activities, seminars, and informational sessions that have been specially designed and tailored to their needs and interests. On Thursday, August 21, freshmen will begin the registration process. Upper classmen will arrive on campus on Friday, August 22, and will continue their registration through Saturday, August 23. Registration will be held in the J. F. Lane Health and Physical Education Building from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. College offices will extend their hours until 8:00 p.m., including Saturdays, during freshmen week and registration. Classes will begin on Monday, August 25.

Prospective students who are interested in attending Lane College may contact the Office of Admissions at 731.426.7533, or by email at admissions@lanecollege.edu.

About Lane College

Lane College, founded in 1882 by Bishop Isaac Lane, a former slave, is one of the nation’s oldest Historically Black Colleges and the first four-year institution established by the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. It is a proud charter member of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Located on 55 beautifully landscaped acres, Lane College provides a life-changing experience and educational opportunity to its students, and is unabashedly invested in transforming ordinary students into extraordinary scholars by providing them with the highest quality education. The College pilots students through programs of intellectual and spiritual experiences that will prepare them to assume meaningful positions in their chosen occupations and professions, and pursue graduate studies.

Lane offers baccalaureate degrees in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, French, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Religion, and Sociology.

Lane College welcomes 10th president

Story by Nick McFerron, nmcferron@jacksonsun.com, The Jackson Sun11:13 p.m. CDT August 1, 2014
(Photos: KATIE BRAKE/The Jackson Sun )

On Friday night, Lane College officially welcomed its new president, Logan Hampton, at a birthday and welcome event at the Water Tower Place on Lane's campus.

After an opening prayer from Rev. William Gant, one of the Lane College board of trustee members, gospel saxophonist Angella Christie played two songs before playing "Happy Birthday" for Hampton.

Hampton took the podium and greeted the crowd of Lane College supporters who had gathered to welcome him.

"It is my pleasure to join you this evening for my second birthday party ever," Hampton said, "on the day I began work as the 10th president of Lane College."

Hampton talked about his goals as Lane president to continue the work started by the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 132 years ago.

"As we fill this house with students, continue to support us," Hampton said. "Number one, by continuing to pray for us and say good things about Lane College. If you do these things, then we'll do everything we can to help them get saved and educated so that later they can get paid."

Hampton also introduced his wife, Susan, and his three children, Elise, Crystal and Logan III.

Elise will begin working as a middle school social studies teacher in the Jackson-Madison County School System; Crystal is finishing a graduate program at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss.; and Logan III is a sophomore at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Ark.

Glenn Vaulx, who has been serving as the school's interim president, said that while Wesley McClure was president of Lane, Vaulx would ask McClure if he could do anything for the college.

"When I came on as president, I realized this was how I could serve Dr. McClure, by continuing the traditions that Lane College has as a school," Vaulx said. "I always tried to do things right for Lane College while I was there."

Vaulx took on the interim president position after McClure's death in December during the transition until a new president could be found.

Nick McFerron, 425-9643

Lane College president Logan Hampton jokes with Corey Johnson and Ed Jordan as a line of people forms to meet the new president on Friday.

Alumna Ella Flannagan (Class of 1964) leads the applause in welcoming President Hampton and hisfamily on Friday evening.

Nissan notes new leader at Canton plant

Lane College alumna Pam Confer, Class of 1993, has joined the company to lead community relations for the Canton plant. She will be responsible for developing and coordinating programs aimed at serving the local community with a focus on education, diversity, humanitarian aid, and the environment. She has a bachelor’s degree from Lane, and a master’s degree from Jackson State University, where she is pursuing a Ph.D.

Working in central Mississippi for the past 18 years, Confer most recently managed the minority business inclusion program for the city of Jackson, MS, and owns her own consulting and communications firm.

We extend our hearty congratulations to this tremendous Lane Lady!

And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

In a morning ceremony on Thursday, July 17, 2014 on the Lane College campus announcing the implementation of the Home Depot Retool Your School grant, Lane College Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Richard Hulon Donnell, compared the college’s initiation of the project to the biblical warrior Joshua, in his triumphant victory in tearing down the walls of Jericho over two millennia ago. Donnell informed the crowd of staff and community residents of the College’s initiation of the project to remove the fence and walls of the Dragon’s Den, and transform it into a learning oasis that will offer students a multi-use outdoor setting where they will be able to read and surf the internet in the freshness of the air and in a beautiful, environmentally-friendly, and inviting area that promotes teaching and learning.

First Lady and Honorary Retool Your School Chairperson Ruby Vaulx told the crowd of the enthusiasm that she had in the project and how she called her friends and relatives across the nation asking for their votes. Before ending her comments, she thanked the staff for supporting her husband in his tenure as interim president.

Interim President Glenn Vaulx then took the podium to likewise thank the staff for their support and commended them for their hard work in securing the Home Depot grant. He related that it was his vision to “tear down this wall,” and transform it into the Presidents’ Plaza. He further informed the crowd that he was elated that the process began during his tenure, and looks forward to the area becoming the spot on campus where students and faculty can come to study, relax, and surf the net.

This project will commence immediately and will begin by removing the twelve-foot fence that surrounds the area and all of the concrete that lies within it. The grounds will then be graded, made level, and replaced with pavement, zoysia grass sodding, flowers, and trees. Wiring, to accommodate internet capability, and the installation of charging stations, umbrella patio tables and benches, and attractive lighting fixtures will be added to the project. Work on the project will be headed by the Bobby Cole Construction Company of Jackson, Tennessee.

Other participants on the program included Ms. Doris Bond, the Retool Your School coordinator, and Dr. Jerry Woods, Lane’s Executive Vice President.

The Home Depot RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL Grant Program is designed by Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. to encourage and recognize innovative projects that contribute to the beautification of the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). HBCUs are invited annually to submit proposals for Beautification Projects that may lead to the awarding of grants in the amounts of $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000, respectively. Winners are selected on the strength of their proposals, as well as the number of votes and social media posts that are made on their behalf. Seventeen grants were awarded to recipients. Lane College finished in 6th place overall, among 64 HBCUs nationwide, several of which were much larger than Lane in student enrollment.

In May, 2014, Lane College was informed by The Home Depot that it had been selected to receive a $10,000 beautification grant.

'A head start on science':
Lane College introduces summer campers to STEM learning

Lane College held a ceremony marking the end of its summer STEM camp Friday at the Cyber Café on the Lane campus.

Students had the opportunity to sit in classes and learn about STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — from college professors and hear from people working in STEM fields who came to the camp to talk about their work.

“We just want to give them an opportunity to see the variety of STEM jobs that are available,” said Jerry Woods, interim executive vice president of Lane College. “We brought in architects, engineers, chemical engineers and we brought in the director of technology for the (Jackson-) Madison County School System to let the students see the possibilities of various jobs in STEM.”

The students also had the opportunity to travel to Chattanooga Wednesday and Thursday to learn about earth science and marine sciences.

“We went to Ruby Falls on Wednesday, and that highlighted the situation on earth formations and biological science, giving the students some hands-on experience, as well as students could see people in STEM careers that worked there,” Woods said. “We were also able to go to the aquarium in Chattanooga. They saw the sea life but also they saw jobs like marine biologists. It was fascinating.”

Forty students participated in the camp, and most of them were from Madison County.

Chelsea Currie, a Lane graduate from Haywood County, drove her son to the Lane campus every day so he could participate in the camp.

“I loved it, he loved it and it was great exposure for future plans, whatever he desires in life,” Currie said.

Currie’s son will be a freshman at Haywood High School in the fall.

Mary Ingram is the grandmother of another incoming freshman, who will be going to Madison Academic Magnet High School.

“It was fantastic,” Ingram said. “It allowed them to get some learning that has to do with something they could carry with them when school starts.”

Ingram, also a Lane graduate, is active in the Lane community and was excited that the camp came together.

“It’s a head start on science and a lot of other things, to keep children learning through the summer.”/p>

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