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Lane College is a small, private, co-educational, church-related institution which provides a liberal arts curriculum leading to baccalaureate degrees in the Arts and Sciences. The College accepts persons regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, or national origin.

Founded in 1882 by Bishop Isaac Lane, a former slave, Lane College is proud to be one of the nation’s oldest Historically Black Colleges, and the first four-year institution established by the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Consistent with its tradition of providing educational opportunities for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college, Lane College is committed to preparing students, through its liberal arts curriculum, to assume meaningful positions in their chosen occupations or professions and/or to pursue graduate studies. Consistent with its history and tradition, the College has a particular interest in preparing professional educators.

Lane College guides students through programs of intellectual experiences that enable them to identify and develop their full potential to meet the demands of decision-making situations through thoughtful, rational, and creative thinking. Students are exhorted to continuously pursue their potential by becoming lifelong learners.

With strong ties to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the College’s mission is to develop the “whole student.” In addition to its priority of academic excellence, the College is also concerned about the student’s spiritual, social, and ethical development. Lane believes that spiritual growth is an important part of the development of the individual. Spiritual life at the College is viewed as a quality-filled experience rather than a specific and narrow range of separate activities. Spiritual programs of learning, worship, and service have the purpose of illuminating life and making life more meaningful.

Students are encouraged and assisted in developing inner strengths and resources needed to follow through and complete tasks, to fulfill responsibilities, and to live by a workable system of values. The College seeks to help all students achieve self-discipline. Lane College offers a balanced liberal education and seeks to continue adding to the variety of its curricular offerings in order to become even more innovative in organization and methodology and to continue to develop the mature, educated individuals needed in an ever-changing society.

The College encourages students to:

(1) develop their communication skills and their use of the English language;
(2) participate in campus, civic, and religious activities which broaden their concepts of social awareness;
(3) make ethical judgments through counseling and advisement; and
(4) improve their learning skills through the enrichment programs designed for those who have had limited opportunities.

Lane College is grounded in the belief that improvement is continuous and ongoing. Further, it believes in democratic participation in the American society in an intelligent manner designed to improve the society and its members’ opportunities. In a world of continuous change, the College endeavors to offer programs that develop the attitudes and understandings necessary for leadership and effective participation in a democratic society. The College helps its students become open-minded and tolerant individuals while developing sensitivity for and commitment to ways of improving the human condition.

Explicit in the philosophy and purpose of the College are the following desired outcomes for all students:

1. The Lane graduate will be able to communicate in a variety of modes.
The graduate will be able to speak effectively in varied situations; write effectively for the sake of informing, explaining, and creating; and master the use of computers.

2. The Lane graduate will be able to acquire information.
The graduate will be able to listen effectively in various situations of life; read effectively diverse materials at different levels of difficulty with discrimination and pleasure; observe with reasonable accuracy in all types of environments; ask pertinent questions; and utilize technology to acquire information.

3. The Lane graduate will be able to organize, comprehend, and make practical use of a wide variety of materials.
The graduate will be able to distinguish major points from minor ones in a range of materials and disciplines; identify fallacies in reasoning; interpret and draw inferences from statistics or other kinds of data; demonstrate functional skills in mathematics and apply computations to daily life; and have a deep appreciation of several art forms which grows in part out of participatory experience in at least one of these forms.

4. The Lane graduate will be able to apply knowledge in different contexts.
The graduate will have: a thirst for knowledge that immediately transcends personal concerns and the boundaries of disciplines; the ability to make sound decisions in pursuit of careers that are personally meaningful and socially valuable; and the ability to rely upon imagination and reason in recognizing and addressing issues involving all endeavors of life. The graduate should also be educated to address fundamental problems of life beyond the campus.

5. The Lane graduate will be knowledgeable of scientific principles relating to the health of the individual and the ecological order.
The graduate should have an understanding of how the mind and body work and a knowledge of the interrelatedness of all forms of life in the setting of our universe.

6. The Lane graduate will be able to accept and work through ambiguity and diversity while developing strong personal values, social skills, and a sense of ethics.
The graduate should recognize that the world is diverse, that there are many cultures, religions, and economic systems as well as unique human beings. This understanding and appreciation of diversity should lead to good judgment, a sense of empathy, and self-reliance.


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