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The College offers two degrees, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The Bachelor of Arts is awarded to students whose major field is Criminal Justice, English, French, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mass Communication, Music, Religion, or Sociology.

The Bachelor of Science is awarded to students whose major field is Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, or Engineering*.

* As a dual degree program with Tennessee State University, Engineering majors receive a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Lane College and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Tennessee State University.


All students working toward a degree are required to designate a major field on concentration and complete the prescribed courses set forth by the particular area. A minimum grade of "C" must be made in each course which is counted toward the major. This requirement includes elective courses as well as required courses. Students should decide as early as possible the major area they intend to pursue, since each area has specific requirements.


The various major and minor areas within the College are grouped into the following Divisions:

Business and Social and Behavioral Science
Majors Minors
Business Accounting
Criminal Justice Business
History Criminal Justice
Sociology Finance
Liberal Studies and Education
Majors Minors
English Art
French English
Interdisciplinary Studies French
Mass Communication Mass Communication
Music Music
Physical Education Physical Education
Religion Religion
Natural and Physical Sciences
Majors Minors
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Computer Science Computer Science
Engineering* Mathematics
Mathematics Physics

* Dual degree program with the Tennessee State University



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