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Why I Chose Lane College

Monika Jones
Criminal Justice Major
Brownsville, Tennessee
Class of 2012

Lane College is a place for you to improve yourself, to satiate your curiosities, to mature, to network, and to be exposed to new things. College is an important, irreplaceable experience in life. Going to college is highly recommended. The undergraduate degree is the new high school diploma. There was once a time when college was entirely optional. Although some smart, hard-working people can develop excellent careers and stable lives without the aid of a university education; the reality is that a college degree is a prerequisite for most entry-level professional employment opportunities. A college degree will show your future employer that you’re dedicated to achieving your goals in life.

Lane helps you develop the strong character traits of commitment and perseverance. That is the whole point behind our motto, “The Power of Potential.” Lane has satisfied and expanded my curiosity. If you possess a general curiosity about how and why the world works the way it does, and the history and culture of so many African- American people ( Past, Present, and Future), then you owe it to yourself to attend this college. Education is a personal project. If you want to develop your mental faculties and increase your knowledge base, then you have to come to Lane. College is all about learning and networking. At Lane College, you have the unique ability to create life-long associations in a structured environment. Networking is important, but it can also be difficult. Here, one can build relations with students and faculty members, but this requires effort. Unlike the real world, in college, it’s easy to combine your individual interests with supportive allies who subscribe to those same interests.

Lane exposes you to things you would not normally experience. When you set about choosing your path through life, Lane stresses that it is important to remember that finding yourself is as much a process of elimination as it is a process of discovery. Just as you seek out interests and identities, you need to rule out certain life-options and mental frameworks with which you do not agree or partake. I love Chapel!

My endeavor at Lane College has exposed me to new risks, rewards, people, places, ideas, lifestyles, eating habits, and career choices. Exposure is critical. You can’t form a genuine opinion on something if you’ve never been exposed to it. Here at Lane College the whole campus is genuine in a most caring way.

You should come!

Bray Hall


Lane College | 545 Lane Avenue | Jackson, TN 38301
(tel) 731.426.7500 | (fax) 731.423.4931