BIO 131: Biological Science
3 Credits
A survey course introducing principles of biology through a study of the plant and animal kingdoms. Emphasis will be placed on cellular biology, gross anatomy, reproduction, heredity, and ecology. This course is designed to meet the needs of non- science majors. Three lectures per week.
This class is unsuitable for STEM majors.
Offered: Fall/Spring

BIO 141/142: General Biology I, II
4 Credits
A study of the fundamental principles of biology, followed by a survey of the animal and plant kingdoms. Emphasis is on the chemical basis of life, morphology, physiology and reproduction. The two semesters must be taken in sequence. Three lectures and one laboratory experience per week.
Offered: Fall/Spring

BIO 225 Scientific Writing
2 credits
A course to develop students’ skills in the specific task of scientific writing. The students will write intensively on scientific topics and receive detailed feedback on their grammar and clarity in conveying information.
Prerequisite: ENG132.
Offered: Fall/Spring (A)

BIO 241: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
4 Credits
A study of the evolutionary development of organ systems of vertebrates. Complete dissection of representatives of the major vertebrate groups. Three lectures and one laboratory experience per week.
Prerequisites: BIO 141 and 142.
Offered: Fall

BIO 242: Embryology
4 Credits
A descriptive approach to the formation of germ cells, fertilization and the development of organ systems, with some reference to experimental morphogenesis. Three lectures and one laboratory experience per week.
Prerequisites: BIO 141 and BIO 142
Offered: Spring

BIO 243: Molecular Biology
4 Credits
Molecular biology is a rapidly growing field that deals with the interactions of proteins and DNA to control cell growth, division, and development. Topics covered focus on the organization of genomes and the molecular mechanisms controlling DNA replication and repair, transcription, and protein synthesis in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. There is an emphasis on experimental design and data analysis with appropriate readings from the primary literature.
Prerequisites: BIO 141 and BIO 142
Offered: Fall/Spring (O)

BIO 315 and BIO 316: Biology Seminars I-II
1 Credit
Students will present oral and written reports on recent advances and problems in biology. One hour per week.
It is recommended that students take one seminar course at a time.
Prerequisites: BIO 142, BIO
225, and junior status
Offered: Fall/Spring (A)