Business, Social and Behavioral Science

We help you develop communication, technical, human relations, and analytical skills to help you gain successful entrance in your career and/or professional and graduate endeavors. We offer majors in business administration, criminal justice, history, and sociology to prepare you to further your training in graduate and professional schools, to prepare you to successfully compete in the job market and to introduce and orient you in the development of leadership skills, utilized in a dynamic and competitive environment.

We offer general studies curriculum courses in history (U.S., Black and World History), social and behavioral Sciences (various options to satisfy three-hour requirements), and FIN 122-Personal Financial Management.

We are organized into the following major areas: (1) business administration; (2) criminal justice; (3) history; and (4) sociology. We also offer minors in business administration, criminal justice, history, and sociology.


You can obtain the courses required for admission to law school by completing one of the degree programs of the College. Anyone desiring to participate in the pre-law program should contact the chair of the Division of Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences for additional information, especially regarding the selection of courses to prepare for admission and entrance examinations for law school.

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We produce students who become business leaders with a strong commitment to your community. In doing so, the we are committed to preparing you with a solid foundation in each area of business: accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

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Criminal Justice

Requirements for the major in criminal justice as indicated in the curriculum chart. A major in criminal justice requires 39 credit hours (13 courses) in the area of sociology and criminal justice.

Requirements for the minor in criminal justice requires eighteen (18) hours to include CRJ 131, CRJ 331, CRJ 332, and CRJ 433. The remaining courses may be taken as criminal justice electives.

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Requirements for a major in history requires 33 credit hours, including 5 required HIS courses (15 credit hours), GEO 231, (3 credit hours) and 5 elective courses (15 credit hours) to be chosen from history and political science, as indicated in the curriculum chart. History and political science electives are available to students as three (3) possible tracks or emphases.

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The Department of Sociology provides an integrated program of instructionin the understanding of human culture and social organization. Sociologyseeks to describe how human social behavior changes and is organized.

The Department prepares students to pursue graduate study andemployment in Sociology and research, but also in a number of other fields,including criminal justice, law, social work, public health, and government.