The mission of the Department of Business is to produce students who will become business leaders with a strong commitment to their communities. In doing so, the Department is committed to preparing students with a solid foundation in each of the functional areas of business: accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

Students are encouraged to specialize in one of four available concentrations: management, accounting, marketing, and finance. A concentration in one of these specialties will equip students to gain a better and more detailed understanding of the complex nature of the corporate environment in the 21st century.

Business Curriculum and Suggested Program

To receive a minor in business administration, a student must complete MGT 210 (Principles of Management), ACT 210 (Principles of Accounting), MGT 210 (Quantitative Methods of Business), ECO 210 (Principles of Macroeconomics), FIN 210 (Principles of Business Finance) and two course from the Elective Courses in Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing. A “C” (2.0) grade or better must be earned in each course that is counted toward the minor.

No more than two, 3-credit hour courses used to satisfy the requirements of the minor may be from transfer credits. A minimum of 9-credit hours must be taken in courses taught by faculty in the Department of Business at Lane College.

An Internship credit, even if the internship was in the field of business, may not be used to satisfy a requirement of the business minor.

Registration for courses offered by the Department of Business is on a space available basis; the Department of Business cannot guarantee completion of the major or minor.

No business student may earn both a major and a minor in business. Concentrations are available for business majors wishing to concentrate their studies in a particular functional area of business.

FIN 150 (Personal Finance) is a required course in the Common Educational Core and, although taught by the Department of Business, will not count toward any major or minor requirement in business.


A MAJOR in Business requires 45 CREDIT HOURS

Business Administration majors are required to successfully complete 45 credit hours in the business core courses as indicated in the curriculum chart for general business. Business Administration majors are strongly encouraged to complete a 12-credit hour concentration in one of the key business functional areas: accounting, finance, marketing, or management.

A MINOR in Business requires 21 CREDIT HOURS

Minors in Business are required to take seven courses or 21 credit hours of major courses. The College offers a minor in business administration that is designed to offer a basic understanding of key business topics for students who are not earning a business degree. Students majoring in business may not earn this minor.

A CONCENTRATION in Business requires 12 CREDIT HOURS

Students may choose a concentration in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Business Management. A concentration consists of a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours over and above the Business major requirements.


Students graduating with degrees in Business will:

  • 1. Have acquired sound scholarship of knowledge and skills in the area of Business
  • 2. Enter a business career with satisfactory training in methods, techniques, and principles of modern business
  • 3. Be prepared for further studies in graduate and professional schools
  • 4. Be prepared to pursue certification through the Teacher Education Program
  • 5. Have an understanding of the social, economic, and cultural environment in which businesses operate
  • 6. Have practical management learning experiences through cooperative and/or internship programs.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?