Criminal Justice


A MAJOR in criminal justice requires 39 CREDIT HOURS

Credit hours to be completed in sociology and criminal justice.

A MINOR in criminal justice requires 18 CREDIT HOURS

The required courses are CRJ 131, CRJ 331, CRJ 332, and CRJ 433. The remaining courses may be taken as criminal justice electives.


Students graduating with degrees in Criminal Justice will:

  • 1. Have knowledge of the judicial system of the nation.
  • 2. Have knowledge of those conditions and circumstances that can prevent criminal behavior.
  • 3. Understand factors leading to rehabilitating offenders.
  • 4. Be prepared for employment opportunities in a variety of criminal justice fields including law enforcement, law probation, juvenile services, private security, public administration/planning, counseling, research, regulatory agencies, and law.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?