A MAJOR in sociology requires 124 CREDIT HOURS

These hours include eight (8) required courses (24 credit hours), MAT 233 – Probability and Statistics (3 credit hours), and three (3) sociology elective courses (9 credit hours).

A MINOR in sociology requires 21 CREDIT HOURS

The required courses for a minor in sociology consist of the following: SOC 131, SOC 132, SOC 231, SOC 232, SOC 430, SOC 432, and one SOC elective.


Students graduating with degrees in Sociology will:

  • 1. Understand major sociological concepts, theories, perspectives, methods, and knowledge, including culture, social structure, interaction, and change.
  • 2. Comprehend the world beyond the single dimensionality of any cultural view, recognize the value of other cultural perspectives, and understand the relationship between power and perspective.
  • 3. Understand group behavior and the social forces operating in society including the structures, processes, and functions or dysfunctions of social organizations and institutions.
  • 4. Be able to identify major social problems in American society; and critically examine and analyze contemporary social issues.
  • 5. Understand that the United States is a multicultural nation and the world has become a small village; and that a person’s life is affected by what is happening within a community/state/country and by events taking place worldwide.
  • 6. Be able to think critically and assess information about society using sociological concepts and a social science mode of argument.
  • 7. Understand and be able to apply statistical concepts and conduct research.
  • 8. Be prepared to continue their education in professional or graduate study beyond the bachelor’s degree.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?