Liberal Studies and Education

Our department comprises the core of the liberal arts curriculum of the College, and includes the courses in languages, education, literature, music, art, drama, speech, communication arts, religion, and philosophy. We offer courses required of all students as well as courses in the major areas of English, French, mass communication, music, physical education, and Religion. We also offer minors in art, English, foreign languages, music, mass communication, physical education, and Religion.


The Division of Liberal Studies provides students with an education in the liberal arts which is broad in scope, excellent in quality, and inclusive of the disciplines that are basic for the education curriculum. Graduates from the division will:

  1. Understand advanced concepts, terminology, methodology, subject matter, problems, and issues from multiple academic disciplines;
  2. Communicate knowledge using the principles of multiple academic disciplines;
  3. Develop writing, speaking, analyzing, and computing skills;
  4. Recognize the importance of individual disciplines as a means to address problems and to generate knowledge;
  5. Define value systems and codes of personal ethics through examination of the religions of the world, with special emphasis of the doctrines; and
  6. Ponder the philosophical questions of human existence.

All students are required to take courses in composition, literature, Religion, speech, and the fine arts; as well as one class in orientation, as delineated in the description of the general studies curriculum.

The Division of Liberal Studies includes in the content of its courses skills necessary for students to:

  1. Develop proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and communication;
  2. Develop independent reasoning, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving skills;
  3. Define value systems and codes of personal ethics through examination of religions of the world, with special emphasis on the doctrines of the Christian faith;
  4. Cultivate an awareness of, and an appreciation for, diverse cultural heritages and an understanding of how they relate to each other;
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Requirements for a major in English requires 124 credit hours. This includes 11 required major courses (33 credit hours), and 2 elective major courses (6 credit hours). Before taking courses in the major or minor areas, English majors and minors must complete the composition sequence, and Introduction to Literature.

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Requirements for a major in French requires 42 credit hours. This includes 13 required major courses (39 credit hours); and 1 elective major course (3 credit hours) as indicated in the curriculum chart. Students without prior exposure to French are encouraged to select French as a major.

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Mass Communication

Mass communication majors are required to take 37 credit hours in mass communication as follows: 22 credit hours in core courses; 2 courses from general communication courses (6 credit hours); and 3 courses from communication electives (9 credit hours).

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Lane is the perfect place to prepare yourself for an enriching career in education. As an approved Educator Preparation Provider (EPP), we'll help you with teacher certification each step of the way.

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A major in Religion requires 30 semester hours, including 8 required courses (24 credit hours) as indicated in the curriculum chart. The remaining 12 hours must be selected from Religion or philosophy courses.

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The major in music requires 124 semester hours. Incoming freshmen and transfer students must take a theory placement test. Some may be required to complete MUS 031 - Fundamentals of Music Theory. This course does not count toward the major or minor degree program in music. Music majors must complete eight semesters of an ensemble, i.e. band or choir, and eight semesters of applied music study on a single instrument or voice.

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Physical Education

Students who major in the area of physical education are required to complete a total of thirty-nine (39) credit hours in the major, including 32 required credit hours, and seven (7) credit hours to be selected from physical education electives.

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A minor in Spanish is an asset in a world increasingly interdependent and interconnected by global media. Graduates with proficiency in a foreign language are better prepared to participate and succeed in the global marketplace. The Spanish minor at Lane helps you become a globally engaged citizen and provide opportunities for international travel, study abroad programs, and unique scholarship opportunities.



If you see the world as a place that sparks your creativity, a minor in art at Lane may be the perfect fit. Lane’s forward-thinking art department offers students broad exposure to the concepts and skills needed to become a creative problem solver.