A MAJOR in English requires 124 CREDIT HOURS

This includes eleven (11) required major courses (33 credit hours), and two (2) elective major courses (6 credit hours). Before taking courses in the major or minor areas, English majors and minors must complete the composition sequence, and Introduction to Literature. These prerequisite courses do not count toward the English major or minor. English majors or minors must earn a “C” or better in the composition, literature, and in major and minor courses. Students are advised to take survey courses in sequence.

A MINOR in English requires 21 CREDIT HOURS

Minors are required to take ENG 231– American Literature I, ENG 232 – American Literature II, ENG 331 – British Literature I, ENG 332 – British Literature II, ENG 335 – Shakespeare, and ENG – 430 African-American Literature. English minors must also take one (1) additional elective English course at or above the 200 level.


Students graduating with degrees in English will:

  • 1. Excel in writing and oral communication through the study and analysis of literature and the techniques of composition.
  • 2. Develop skills necessary for perceptive reading, critical thinking, and effective writing and speech.
  • 3. Develop skills necessary to succeed in graduate study or careers in education, law, medicine, ministry, library science or communication, among other career options.
  • 4. Have the ability to write clear, practically error-free prose.
  • 5. Demonstrate the ability to use primary texts, reference sources, and periodicals in preparing research.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?