A MAJOR in French requires 42 CREDIT HOURS

This includes thirteen (13) required major courses (39 credit hours); and one (1) elective major course (3 credit hours) as indicated in the curriculum chart. Students without prior exposure to French are encouraged to select French as a major. FRE 131 and 132-Elementary French I and II will count toward satisfying the general studies foreign language requirement, but will not count toward the degree in French.

A MINOR in French requires 18 CREDIT HOURS

These hours must include both Intermediate French I & II. French minors may select four (4) additional French courses at or above the 300 level to complete the minor. As many as twelve (12) credits toward the minor may be earned through a Lane-approved study abroad program in a French-speaking country. At least one (1) course at the 300 level must be taken at Lane College to complete the minor.


Students graduating with degrees in French will:

  • 1. Experience excellence in written and oral communication through the study and analysis of literature and techniques of composition in French.
  • 2. Acquire experience in the French language so that students will be able to demonstrate the ability to use primary texts, bibliographical sources, and periodicals for research and other purposes.
  • 3. Engage in the exploration of innovative ideas, through teaching and research.
  • 4. Be prepared for graduate study, or career opportunities in multi-national businesses and non- profit organizations in different areas, including, but not limited to, international relations, marketing, and translation.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?