Interdisciplinary Studies


A MAJOR in Interdisciplinary Studies requires 124 CREDIT HOURS

This includes thirteen (13) required major courses (38 credit hours). In addition to fifty-three (53) credit hours of general education courses, this interdisciplinary major requires completion of a core of courses in psychology, art, music, religion, education, sociology, biology, and physical education. The student must earn a “C” or better in each major course. The exact program must be established by the student and their designated advisor.


Students graduating with degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies will:

  • 1. Use multiple thinking strategies to examine real-world issues, explore creative avenues of expression, solve problems, and make consequential decisions.
  • 2. Integrate knowledge and personal abilities to attain a level of competence sufficient for productive citizenship and sustained learning.
  • 3. Understand and articulate the importance and influence of diversity within and among cultures and societies.
  • 4. Pursue graduate degrees or employment in a selected field.
  • 5. Utilize their generalist degree to pursue graduate study in a variety of areas in the liberal arts and humanities. A major in Interdisciplinary Studies requires 38 credit hours as indicated on the curriculum chart. Students seeking a generalist degree can major in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?