Online Media Reservation

Lane College Classroom & Media Aids Reservation
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Online Media Reservation is created to make more convenient for faculty to reserve media equipment and classrooms from distance at homes or in offices instead of coming to the library. New faculty can get User Name and Password at the circulation (731-426-7654) in the library or email, we will email User Name and Password to new faculty.


I. Make reservation

  1. Go to library web page from Lane college web site
  2. Select “online Media Reservation Form" in the left menu
  3. Enter Username and Password
  4. Select a date on the left calendar
    A frame on the right has two parts: The top part you can review the room, time and reserved status (If you want to see a specific room’s reserve status, select a room from a dropdown list of rooms, click “go", you will find the reserve status of the room, time period)

    The Link in the bar above the dropdown list, you will get a form in the lower part of the frame, where you can make reservation. Be sure to select the time period which is available. Then click “submit" to make the reservation.

  5. Select the date in the calendar, it will show you the reservation.

II. Check status

  1. Go to library web page
  2. Select Online Media Reservation form
  3. Select the date in the calendar