Subject Guide



Benet’s Reader’s Encyclopedia | R803 B465

Includes information for the general reader on writers, literary movements, works, historical perspectives, etc.

Cassell’s Encyclopedia of Literature | R803 C345 V.1-V.2

The articles in the Encyclopedia of Literature are arranged in three alphabetical parts. They contain histories of the literatures of the world and topics of general literary importance. They also contain the biographies of writers.

Encyclopedia of world literature in the 20th century | R803 E56w

It includes information on individual writers, literary movements, and national literatures.

Merriam-Webster’s encyclopedia of literature | R803 M569

It has comprehensive coverage of literatures of the world. It includes information on literary characters, plot summaries, terminology, etc.

Encyclopedia of the essay | R809.4003 E56

It brings four main categories of entry – formal, national, individual, and periodical and gives four different routes into the territory of essayistic literature. It provides the essential information for exploring this protean form of writing, and each entry has a section of suggestions for further reading.

The concise Oxford companion to American literature | R810.9 H325c

It is designed to serve as useful companion for students and general readers. This book provides ready references to the authors and writings that are included in the area of American literature.

The concise Oxford companion to English literature | R820.9 D756c

This book provides the general reader and student with a useful and compact guide to the central matter of English literature.

A research guide for undergraduate students: English and American literature | R820.72 B168r 2006

It is a student guide for conducting library research for term papers and theses.

The English handbook: a guide to literary studies | R820.711 W597e

This book introduces students to the challenges, as well as the pleasure and power of literary studies in English. It covers a wide range of topics that students are often uncertain about, and it maps contemporary literary studies in English systematically.

The concise encyclopedia of modern world literature | R809.3 G857

This book aims to increase the pleasurable scope of good reading.

Twentieth Century Writing: a Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literature | R809.04 R523t

This book is designed to answer questions. Some 1200 individual authors are dealt with.

The Oxford Companion to English literature, 5th edition | R820.3 H342 1985

This book reflects the increasing specialization and professionalism of English studies and it can quickly, easily, and clearly satisfy the immediate curiosity of the common reader, and direct that reader, where appropriate, to further sources of information.

The New Century Handbook of English Literature | R820.3 N532

This book seeks to answer those questions about English writers, works of literature, characters from works of literature, and various related items which are most likely to be raised by American readers of English literature.


Dictionary of English Literature | R820.3 A197

The Facts on File Companion to the American Short Story | R813.010 F142

Patterns of Poetry: an Encyclopedia of Forms | R808.1 W725p

Dictionary of Literary Characters | R809.927 D554

The Oxford Anthology of English Literature | R820.8 K390

Dictionary of British Literary Characters, 20th-Century Novel | R823.91 G812

Dictionary of English literature, being a comprehensive guide to English authors and their works | R820.3 A197

Dictionary of Literary Characters | R809.927 D554

Contemporary Novelists | R823.03 V788c

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama, V.1-V.4 | R809.2 M147

Classic Love and Romance Literature: an Encyclopedia Of Works, Characters, Authors and Themes | R809.9335 B797

Oxford English Dictionary | R423 C744 2004

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations | R808.8 O98

Granger’s Index to Poetry | R808.8 G758

The Cambridge bibliography of English Literature | R015.42 B334

A Shakespeare Bibliography | R822.33 E16


World Masterpieces | R808.8 M153 Revised V.1-V.2

Literature for Composition: Essays, Fiction, Poetry and Drama | 808.0427 L776

The Norton anthology of English Literature | 820.8 N882g, V.1 2006

English Literature in The Early Eighteenth Century 1700-1740 | R820.903 D634

The Complete Works of Shakespeare, 3rd Edition | 822.33 S527 1980

The Eighteenth-Century English Novel | 823.509 E34

The Victorian Novel | 823.809 V646

Dickens to Hardy, 1837-1884 The Novel, The Past and Cultural Memory in The Nineteenth Century | 823.809 W861d

The English Novel Before Richardson, A Checklist of Text and Criticism To 1970 | 016.823 B714e

Norton Anthology of Poetry | 821.008 N882f 2005

The Negro in English Literature, a Critical Introduction | N820 M133

Lectures on The Harvard Classics | 028.3 H339, V.5


Guide to American Literature and its Background Since 1890 | R016.81 J77

The Continuum Encyclopedia of American Literature | R810.3 C762

American in Fiction, an Annotated List of Novels | R168.13 C652

American Drama Criticism Interpretation, 1890-1965 | R016.792 P174a

A Reader’s Guide to The Short Stories of Mark Twain | R813.4 C625w

Black Literature and Literary Theory | N813.009 B627

English Serfdom and American Slavery | N813.4 C487

Black African Literature in English Since 1952: WorksAnd Criticism | N016.82 A161b

Afro-American Writing an Anthology of Prose and Poetry | N810.8 L849a

Early Black American Prose Selection with Bibliographical Introduction | N818.08 R66e

Studies in Black American Literature, V.1-V.2 | N810.9 S933

The essential Black Literature Guide | N809.8896 V136e

African American Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests | NR810.9896 A258

The Negro in American Literature | N016.82 C466n

Black American Writers Past and Present: A Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary | NR016.8108 R953b

Black American Writers: Bibliographical Essays | NR016.8108 B627

African-American Writers: A Dictionary | NR810.9896 A258w

African-American Women Writers | NR810.8 A258

American Writers: A Collection of Literary Biographies | R810.9 A512 V.1-V.4

American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide From Colonial Time to the Present | R810.9 A512w

Southern Writers: A New Biographical Dictionary | R810.9975 S727 2006

Dictionary of Literacy Biography | NR801.95 D554

The Literary 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Novelists, Playwrights, and Poets of All Time | R809 B973l 2009


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Primary English Encyclopedia: The Heart of the Curriculum
| 3Rd Ed. | by Mallett, Margaret

Facts on File Companion to the World Novel: 1900 to the Present | Facts on File Library of World Literature | by Sollars, Michael.; Jennings, Arbolina Llamas

Facts on File Companion to World Poetry: 1900 to the Present | Facts on File Library of World Literature | by Arana, R. Victoria

Gothic Writers: A Critical and Bibliographical Guide | by Thomson, Douglass H.; Voller, Jack G.; Frank, Frederick S.

The Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-century American Short Story | by Gelfant, Blanche H.

Facts on File Companion to British Poetry Before 1600 | Facts on File Library of World Literature | by Sauer, Michelle M.

Facts On File Companion to British Poetry: 17th and 18th Centuries | Facts on File Library of World Literature | by Brackett, Virginia

Facts on File Companion to American Poetry | Facts on File Library of American Literature; [New Ed.]. by Kimmelman, Burt.; Cone, Temple.; Huff, Randall

Selected Prose | by Milton, John.; Patrides, C. A.

American Ethnic Writers | Magill's Choice | by Peck, David R.; Irons-Georges, Tracy.

Notable Playwrights | Magill's Choice | by Rollyson, Carl E.

Notable African American Writers | Magill's Choice

The Oxford Companion to African American Literature | by Andrews, William L.; Foster, Frances Smith.; Harris, Trudier.

Contemporary African American Novelists: A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook | by Nelson, Emmanuel S.

African American Dramatists: An A-to-Z Guide | by Nelson, Emmanuel S.

Autobiographical Inscriptions: Form, Personhood, and the American Woman Writer of Color | W.E.B. Du Bois Institute (Series)


Print journals which the library subscribed are located in the periodicals room on the 3rd floor in the library. The following journals are available:


College Literature provides usable, readable, and timely materials designed to keep its readers abreast of new developments and shifts in the theory and practice of literature by covering the full range of what is presently being read and taught as well as what should be read and taught in the college literature classroom. It encourages a variety of approaches to textual analysis and criticism on English, American, and European literature in addition Eastern literature, minority and Third World literatures, oral literature, and interdisciplinary/comparative studies.


Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature, is a quarterly journal that brings insights from a wide variety of disciplines to bear on the theoretical, practical, and cultural dimensions of literary works. Some essays highlight the interrelationship between literature and other disciplines, cultural climates, topical issues, recent discoveries, or divergent art forms and modes of creative activity. Some essays also explore emerging trends in theory and literary criticism and address the nature and scope of interdisciplinary study itself.


The Missouri Review is a literary magazine. It publishes fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction quarterly. With its open submission policy, The Missouri Review receives 12,000 manuscripts each year and is known for printing previously unpublished and emerging authors.


MELUS is a journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States. MELUS endeavors to expand the definition of American literature through the study and teaching of African American, Latino/a, Native American, Asian and Pacific American, and ethnically specific European American literary works, their authors, and their cultural contexts.


PMLA is the journal of the Modern Language Association of America. Since 1884, PMLA has published members' essays judged to be of interest to scholars and teachers of language and literature.


As a forum for peer-reviewed scholarship, Writing Center Journals publishes theoretical and empirical research on a range of practices, pedagogies, and administration associated with writing center work. WCJ aims to reflect the diversity of writing center contexts through its content and encourages submissions focused not only on writing centers in colleges and universities but also high schools, middle schools, and other environments.

Modern Language Quarterly is a journal of literary history. It pays attention to the broader scope of literary history regardless of genre or period.


Book Review Digest is a bibliographic data that cites and provides excerpts of reviews of current English-language fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. An abstract of each book is also provided. Periodical coverage includes leading magazines from the United States, Canada and Great Britain.


Literary Resources Center, TEL (Tennessee Electronic Library)
Tennessee Electronic Library is organized by subjects. You will find Literary Resource Center online in TEL. This database is available under the Language Arts and Literature heading. You can access it at home, in your dorm or anywhere on campus. This database can be searched by author, title, or keyword, and is one of the best sources for literary criticism.

Academic OneFile (from TEL)

You will find some useful literary criticism from Academic OneFile under the Arts and Humanities heading in TEL. The premier source for peer-reviewed, full-text articles are from the world's leading journals and reference sources. It has extensive coverage of the sciences, technology, medicine, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects - authoritative and comprehensive. Millions of articles are available in both PDF and HTML full-text with no restrictions. The most effective way to search Academic OneFile is by title of the work you are researching.

Expanded Academic ASAP (from TEL)

This database has subjects from arts and the humanities to social sciences, science and technology. English literature is available under the Arts and Humanities heading. You can access scholarly journals, news magazines, and newspapers - many with full text and images.


Academic institutions worldwide depend on this database as their core resource of scholarly information. Academic Search Elite contains full text for more than 2,100 journals, including more than 1,700 peer-reviewed titles. This multi-disciplinary database covers virtually every area of academic study. Full text information in this database dates as far back as 1985. One suggested method of searching EBSCOhost is to use the title of the work you are researching along with the phrase “literary criticism” as keywords.