Continuity Plan and Senior Protocol

Covid-19 Academic Continuity Plan and Senior Protocol

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lane College has moved to REMOTE INSTRUCTION, and SOCIAL DISTANCING practices. This will have a direct affect upon our SENIORS as they prepare for graduation and commencement exercise. The following procedures are designed to aid seniors in a smooth transition toward their goal of graduating from Lane College.


The Senior Exit Examination has been waived for those completing their degree requirements in the 2019-20 Academic Year.


Sophomore Proficiency Exam is now available, and it is a requirement for graduation. For those who have not taken the exam, it is available now via Blackboard. The Sophomore Proficiency Exam MUST be completed prior to April 3,2020, as it will no longer be available after this date. There are unlimited attempts.

Contact Person: Dr. Colonel Leviticus XII ( )


There are no further requirements for those seniors who have already submitted a completed Clearance Form. Seniors still needing to complete the clearing process will follow the steps below to confirm Clearance Status. As you receive clearance, your status will be updated.

Contact Person: Ms. McGoughy ( or )

Digital Senior Clearance Form

To Check the status of your Clearance for graduation:

  1. Go to:!/login
  2. To login:
    1. Lane College email address
    2. Password: Lane College Student ID
  3. Sign in

Once you log in to view your Clearance Status and if you have received Clearance from a Department, and it is not correct in the portal, please E-mail proof of Clearance to:

Blackboard and Lane College Email Support – contact

Academic Support – contact

Senior Information – contact


Listed below is the Contact Information and Requirements for clearance. You may directly contact the Area to inquire about your Clearance Status.

Financial Aid – Complete Student Loan Exit Interview.
Contact Person:
Ms. Anderson | | 731-426-7537

Career Planning & Placement - Submit a Resumé, Set up a Linked-In Profile, Graduation Plan, Final Destination Survey.
Contact Person:
Mrs. Tate-Taylor | | 731-425-2563
Mrs. Sherry Rutherford | | 731-410-6709

Library – Return all checked out books and pay any Library Fines.
Contact Person:
Mrs. Wang | | 731-426-7593

Cashier - Ensure you have a Zero Balance; or have an active payment plan.
Contact Person:
Mr. Lorenzo Gooch | | 731-426-7518

Institutional Research - Successfully completed the Sophomore Proficiency Exam, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), General Education Program Assessment Survey, and Senior Exit Survey.
Contact Person:
Dr. Colonel Leviticus XII | | 731-426-7576

Chaplain - Attended 10 Fall Chapels and 3 Spring Chapels or Submitted proof of completed Community Service hours up to the stated hourly total and/or completed writing assignment per office of the Chaplain.
Contact Person:
Mr. Freeman McKindra | | 731-426-7505


Advising – Advisors will communicate through your Lane College email and other means of choice. Log on to BLACKBOARD, CAMS, website student advisement.