Fall 2021 Opening Q&A

Lane is planning for a full return of students in the fall.

This page answers common questions about the Fall 2021 semester at Lane. We will post updates as new information becomes available.


Are students required to be vaccinated before returning to campus for the Fall 2021 term?
No, we will not require the vaccine.

Are faculty and staff required to be vaccinated before returning to campus for the Fall 2021 term?
No, we will not require the vaccine.

Are there exceptions that will require some students to be vaccinated?
Yes, we participate in a variety of athletic and competitive events involving travel and other colleges. In many of these cases, the athletic conference and competition guidelines may require a vaccine (subject to additional state, federal and legal guidance and subject to religious and disability accommodations pursuant to state and federal law). If you are involved in intercollegiate athletics at Lane, or if you participate in competitive events such as cheerleading, band or choir, please talk with your respective department coach/director for guidance on vaccine requirements and available options. In addition, some optional events, such as travel on buses chartered by Lane, may require a vaccine, a negative COVID-19 test or other appropriate health precautions.

Does Lane recommend the vaccine?
Yes, we encourage all members of the Lane community to be vaccinated in accordance with vaccine availability, current CDC guidelines, and upon the recommendation of an individual’s health care provider. We believe current evidence on the FDA approval status and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines supports our position that many members of the Lane community should be fully vaccinated for the fall.

Will Lane have the vaccine available on campus?
Yes. Lane has provided on-site vaccines for the past several months and we expect to have additional dates in the Fall 2021 semester for members of our community to be vaccinated.


Do I need a negative COVID test to return to campus for the Fall 2021 term?
Yes, if you plan to live on campus for our Fall 2021 semester, the Office of Residential Life requires a negative COVID test (taken within two weeks of your move-in date) or proof of an approved vaccine protocol prior to moving into the residence halls (subject to additional state, federal and legal guidance and subject to religious and disability accommodations pursuant to state and federal law). If you have questions about the testing or vaccine requirement to live on campus, please email us at housing@lanecollege.edu.

Will COVID testing be available on campus?
Yes, Lane was one of West Tennessee’s earliest testing locations and Lane will continue to offer on-site COVID testing for members of our community.

Will Lane have quarantine areas if a student tests positive?
Yes, we will continue our safety and surveillance monitoring in Fall 2021 and our protocols include appropriate quarantine areas and accommodations for students who test positive or have been exposed to someone who tests positive.


Will classes be taught in-person?
Yes, all classes normally taught in-person will return to face-to-face instruction for our Fall 2021 term. The college will continue to monitor public health guidelines with in-person instruction and will follow public health practices as recommended.

Who should plan to return to campus this fall?
All faculty, staff and students should plan to return to campus in-person for the Fall 2021 semester. The college will offer a full college experience, featuring face-to-face instruction, full residence halls, a packed calendar of student events and activities, competitive varsity sports, and hands-on research and learning activities.

Will there be online/remote/virtual options for students who do not attend on-campus classes?
Yes, we will have options for everyone. In addition to a full return of students for person-to-person instruction, we will have a variety of online classes and online social events. Whether you want to attend in-person, online, or take a combination of online and on-campus classes, our Fall 2021 semester has options that fit your schedule.


Will I be required to wear a mask for the Fall 2021 term?
As we begin our Fall 2021 term, there will be places on campus where a mask is not required and places where a mask may be required. Lane will continue to strongly encourage all members of our community to WWSS: Wear Your Mask, Wash Your Hands, Social Distance, and Self Check. We know WWSS and other safety protocols have worked throughout the pandemic to keep our COVID infections extraordinarily low.

What precautions are being taken to make classrooms safe?
Public health measures that were put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic (such as air filtration monitoring, masking requirements, and increased custodial service levels) will remain in effect during the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, if not throughout the entire semester.

Will some spaces be more restrictive?
We will continue to protect the health and safety of the Lane community which means that things will be near-normal but not perfectly normal. Some campus facilities, including varsity training areas, research laboratories, and some individual work areas may need to adopt more restrictive health and safety measures. In most all areas, however, the campus will be fully reopened for Fall 2021.


Will academic advising and student support services be available in-person?
Yes, Lane will be fully reopened for the Fall 2021 semester and all student support services (Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Health Center, Disability Support Services, Counseling Center, Library Services, Campus Dining, Housing, etc.) will be available in-person, as with normal pre-pandemic operations. Additional options will be available for students who are attending Lane online.

Will the cafeteria be open?
Yes, the cafeteria will be open, and we will have additional dining options for Fall 2021. Outside seating for grab-and-go will also be provided.

Will the campus bookstore be open?
Yes, the campus bookstore will be open to students and to the public for Fall 2021.

Will the gym and student amenities centers be open?
Yes, campus recreation activities have been planned throughout our Fall 2021 semester and that includes the pool, gym, fitness center, and student amenities being fully open. We will expand services, hours, and operations in accordance with evolving public health guidance.

Will the library and computer labs be open?
Yes, the library and computer labs will be open. In addition, resources have been added to our library portal at lanecollege.edu/academics/library to make it easier-than-ever for our students (on campus, off campus or online) to complete academic research from wherever they are.

What if I need emergency financial assistance and support?
Lane has a Lane Direct Support Fund that may be able to help. Lane students currently in need of financial assistance because of the pandemic should email Student Accounts at studentaccounts@lanecollege.edu or you may contact Lorenzo Gooch, Director of Student Accounts at (731) 426-7518 or Tangela Poole, Controller at (731) 265-1720.


Will New Student Orientation be in-person?
No, our New Student Orientation (NSO) program is virtual this year. Follow this link to learn more about our virtual NSO. However, for students joining us for in-person classes, we have a full calendar of in-person orientation and freshmen experience activities. There will also be special in-person events to welcome our transfer and international students.


When can I move into my residence hall?
On-campus move-in begins July 31, 2021. First-year students move in on Saturday, July 31st and returning students move in on Thursday, August 5th. Classes for returning and transfer students begin Friday, August 6th. Students living in the residence halls are required to have a negative COVID test (taken within two weeks of your move-in date) or proof of an approved vaccine protocol prior to moving into the residence halls (subject to additional state, federal and legal guidance and subject to religious and disability accommodations pursuant to state and federal law).

What will life in the residence halls be like?
Our Resident Assistants are working hard to provide a close-to-normal residential experience for Fall 2021. Our Office of Residential Life has developed a reopening plan that develops a strong and inclusive community in each of our living/learning environments and the plan includes roommates, social mixers, multiple opportunities for student engagement, and additional student support. Residence hall staff will engage with students in floor meetings to discuss specific protocols for safety and student support.


What resources will be available to students living off-campus in Fall 2021?
Off-campus students will have access to campus support services and resources. Additionally, the Office of Campus Life will have events specifically for students living off campus and for students who are attending Lane online for Fall 2021.


Will the campus host outside events on campus for Fall 2021?
Limited private events may be available following recommended public health guidelines during homecoming week and at select other times. Some areas of the campus will be more restrictive than others.

Will fans, other than current students, be allowed to attend athletic events on campus?
The Lane College Dragons and Lady Dragons will return to in-person competition for Fall 2021, and we plan to welcome our fans back to campus. Specific decisions about attendance requirements for individual games are made in collaboration with the NCAA Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association as well as state and local health guidelines. Entry requirements may also vary by venue, such as indoor or outdoor, and priority will be given to our students and alumni. For specific information about our fall athletic schedule, please visit us at golcdragons.com.


What if there are changes in the public health situation in for Fall 2021?
We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and meet regularly to review local, state, and national guidance. Campus protocols may be modified as the public health situation requires. If restrictions are placed on in-person classes, we plan to use alternative course delivery methods, such as remote instruction for the duration of the restriction. We plan to keep our students on course for their targeted graduation date.