1 Day Away From $25,000!

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1 Day Away From $25,000!

Aug 20, 2020


What can we do in 24 hours? We are 1 day away from our challenge to raise $25,000 in 24 hours in order to receive a $25,000 matching gift. Get ready to jump online starting at midnight tonight to donate by clicking the donate button below as we get ready to show the world that even in a pandemic, #WeAreLane!

Donors are encouraged to focus their efforts around three fund priorities at this time:

  • Student Emergency Fund- To support those students who have been affected financially by the pandemic
  • Student Retention Fund- To support those rising seniors who have made it to the pinnacle of their college journey but dealing with adversities that affect their ability to pay tuition
  • Rebuilding the Halls- To support the initiative to furnish the newly renovated Cleaves Hall

Give to help Lane raise $25,000 to get an additional $25,000. Let's get this $50,000 by being #STRONGERTOGETHER.